It rained today. Thank God, it rained today.

He took a glance at the clock, hanging on the wall, that clock he very much despised. Why? Because it lies, it's not honest, it gives false hope and breaks bona vide ones. He despised it because it was 5 minutes early. How funny, he thought, to despise something yet having to rely on it day in and day out. Oh the beauty, oh the tragedy. The duality of men.

Yet today, as of that moment, neither if the clock was lying or if it is telling the truth, he knew that it was him who is late. The thing with being late it that from the moment you establish that you're late, your every action will speed up: you talk faster, you walk faster, you think faster. Faster, as if you've been cheated by time, who ran before the gun goes 'bang', in an Olympic dash with the weight of your nation's hope hung around your neck, waiting for the gold to lift it off. Faster, faster, faster.. until as always, you lose.

You lose, but your morality is unshaken. You lose, because the clock lied. You lose, because time cheated. You are never wrong.

By the time he arrived, the place was empty but for a lone figure in the distance, with a broom, sweeping the floor in slow mundane motion, left and right, left and right, left and right. If you play a soft string orchestral music to accompany this visual, you will get a beautiful movie scene, when the selfless janitor, who the night before saved the young girl from the school bullies, went back to his life as nothing happened yet little did he know, that the young girl he saved was actually his daughter, unknown to him because she was born while he was in the prison and she was running down the opposite corridor to thank him only to get there a few seconds too late because the bullies came back to gun him down in cold blooded revenge. Alas, today, is not going to be that day.

He walked over to the guy, waved over and said hi.

"It rained today", he said, gesturing out the window to the tiny droplets of water, racing down the window panes.

The man glanced outside and smiled. "Thank God, it rained today".

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