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Even if your hope has burned with time,
Anything that's dead shall be re-grown,
And your vicious pain
Your warning sign
You will be fine

The Banks of Kelang and Gombak
29 December 2008

Thank you to Aliffadha.
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About today and tomorrow

Who invented high heels and to what purpose?


31st December 2008. What do I think about 2008?

Personally my memories of the years after 2005 are somewhat blurry, murky and macam kau makan nasi campur, kau letak kuah kurma, kari ayam dengan kuah hitam, kau gaul-gaul. Macam tu la lebih kurang.

I can't really tell where one ends and where one begins.

It wasn't always like this. Back in school the difference in years are clearly defined. There's a stopgap, the cuti panjang. And when you start your new school year, it's quite different from the last year's. New clothes, new bag, new shoes, new classes, new classmates, new social status.

Now it's just about the same. 2006 going into 2007 was during my semester break and there wasn't much of a difference. 2007 into 2008 was during my time working with Hans Isaac. 31st December I was doing a TV promo for his film, 2nd January I was working on that very same thing. 2007 going into 2008? Here I am in this office. Working. Nothing will change by the time its 2009.

So yeah.. kan?

Still, 2008 is a trying year la. A lot of depressing and bad things. I'm still confused, don't know where I'm heading and quite at loss about my future. It's still kindof too early to be having midlife crisis kan? If this is midlife crisis, does that mean that I'm going six feet under by I'm 40?

On a more wider scope, yeah.. 2008 is kind of bad too many people I guess. Still, there are things that I'm still thankful for and enjoy.. like my trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg. After Red Alert I've been dying to go to Russia and I can tick that off my list. Thank you Kakak Hanan. Maybe I'll save some moolah to see you grad. Maybe.

Well, I'm kinda hoping that 2009 will be the best year evar but that means a not so interesting 2010 and after. I've been reading Cepe's latest posting about the Palestine-Israeli thing and I'm getting more and more depressed. What is it that this world need to be better?

So here's one thing I hope to see in 2009. A Blink-182 reunion.

Yeah, that's all.

Happy Holidays people. Especially you, who will be stuck in a quite epic jam. And you who will be covered by your friend's drunken puke later tonight. And especially to you, you over there, who will be working your ass off while the whole world party stupid. I salute you. Tomorrow is just another day.

Tomorrow is just another day.
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Amir Hadi dan Nur Fatehah
Sejak 30 Disember 2004

Terima kasih awak.
Sayang awak.
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Here's a fews things about HD TV.

LCDs are good for bright room (read: living room), plasmas are good for dark rooms (like your home theater room if you are oh so lucky or your bedroom).

The best HD TV is not your Sony, nor your Panasonic, or your Samsung or your Toshiba. That title is Pioneer's.

So how do you tell a good HD TV from a so-so one? Look at how the screen produces black. Does the black look as black as the frame? Or is it bluish grey? Go for the one with the darkest black.

Yes, your TV is HD capable, but your videos aren't. No, you are not seeing things. The pictures in your brand new flat screen is worse than what you were getting with your old bigass TV. Why? Notice how those photos you took with your phone tend to pixelate, becomes blocky when you scale it up in your PC? The same thing.

Your HD TV screen is 1080 pixels tall, your video is 576 pixels tall. Your HD TV stretch it so that's why your pictures are bad.

WTF? Yeah.. WTF indeed.

Want real HD? Get a PS3 or a Blu-Ray player and get yourself some über expensive movies. Then only will you see what HD looks like. Or maybe hook up your HD TV to a home theater PC and download some HD movies off the web. That'll work too.

Oh, HD TV works best with HDMI cables. Those Red Yellow White cables? Throw them away. Or maybe not. You still need those for Astro and your DVD player. Great, that'll deteriorate your videos some more. No, Astro is not yet available in HD. What you are seeing is the same old stretching. The same goes for DVDs.

Oh oh.. Don't believe what the salesperson say. You don't need a RM300 HDMI cable to connect your Blu-Ray player to the TV. Find the cheapest one and be happy. Why? Unlike analog cables, a gold plated HDMI cable won't make any difference to the picture quality. Analog is electrical. Different materials have different properties. HDMI is digital. Digital is binary. Binary is a series of 1 and 0s. The same as your USB cable.

Confused? This is for your own good. Keep in mind that not all HD are created equal. There's the Full HD (1080i), 720i and 480i. And oh, you'll need to calibrate the colours to get the best quality picture.

These are the things that kept me from suggesting HD TV to anyone. Keep your old TVs, they are doing a pretty good job actually. Undeniably, HD is the future. Still, the future isn't here yet and everyone, from the production houses to the TV stations are still doing their job in standard definition. Yeah, it looks cool.. saves space, can hang on the wall some more but the reason you buy a HD TV is to watch HD content, not to admire how beautiful it is there, stuck on the wall.

Don't be a victim of marketing. They'll promise you everything but are they telling you everything? Don't fall for the branding too. Just because they slapped a fancy name to a piece of microchip inside it doesn't necessarily means that it is different from the generic one. Thank God we live in the Information Age. So why not take a few hours and do some research on this equipment before you go out there and swipe your credit card. You don't want to spend thousands just to get YouTube-ish video on that expansive slab.

So yeah.. didn't mean to offend you guys who have bought a brand new HD TV. Good for you. In a few years that TV will reward you well.
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Will those feet is modern times,
Walk on soles made in China?

26 Disember 2008
LRT Sri Petaling Line, opposite end.
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Newton's Third Law

Here's a thing I've been thinking.

Newton said:

"To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."


So is it possible for us humans to envision some sort of technology to harness those reactions to create electricity? Sorta like a new form of flooring placed at busy junctions or on the subway floor that'll harness the impacts of people walking and turning it into electricity to power, say, the escalator or perhaps the ticketing machine.

Or maybe put it on overhead bridges' suspensions to convert the sways created by cars and lorries into electricity for the streetlights and the traffic lights.

Or even on tall buildings where the sways created by the wind can be harness to power the exterior lighting of the building, or maybe even the airconditioning.

We've seen things such as regenerative breaking in electric and hybrid automobiles that convert some kinetic energy from the breaking into electricity. So that means we can apply it elsewhere can't we?

Is it possible? Come on you engineering people. Let's think!
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Show Me Everything You Got

And show me
Everything you've got
I know you're scared
But let your words destruct
You gotta take that step
And your heart
Just let it pour out


One of the song in my alarm clock playlist.

Show Me Everything You Got
The Rocket Summer
Hello, Good Friend (2005)
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Run Like Hell

Run Like Hell

Please don't tear this building down. Please leave this field alone.




Calling All You Angels

Calling all angels..
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Noise is Good 2

I was transferring photos off my phone. I use a non-CyberShot Sony Ericsson (K610i if kau nak tau jugak) and the photo quality was mediocre at best.

It was a rather boring day so I dropped the photos into the lightroom and played with it a lil bit, turning it into black and white and such. Interesting kan? All the blurry, noisy photos. It gives the photos more soul don't you think?

I never see my phone as something seriously in photography up until today. If people can accept photos from a plastic lens of a plastic camera that leaks light as art, why can't they do the same to a pathetic, microscopic sensor in a telephone that is bleeds noise? Kan?

Who cares about the tool? It's the work that matter.
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Noise is Good

Bila mood dah ada, lenjan. Jangan peduli apa.


20081221-DSC 3100

20081222-DSC 3165

20081222-DSC 3170

20081221-DSC 3104

20081222-DSC 3181

Disember 2008
Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Sg. Besi.

I learnt to stop hating the noise and embrace it.

Noise is good.
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Saya bukan Magneto. Alaaa...

Sometimes when driving I like to imagine myself as Magneto. I imagine myself crushing your vehicle (and thus your ego) and throw your insignificant existence off the highway into a kelapa sawit plantation somewhere.

A friendly reminder.

Kalau kereta kau Proton Waja, kaler putih-putih silver tu, sedar-sedar la diri sikit. Orang tak nampak kereta kau dalam hujan. Lagi-lagi hujan lebat. Yang kau segan sangat nak bukak lampu tu kenapa? Dapat lesen dekat mana ni? Aku belajar dekat Kuala Kubu je, kau tak pernah sampai pun kan? Hulu-hulu pun Abang Samy tu ajar jugak hujan-hujan bukak lampu.

Kau patut bersyukur aku bukan Magneto. Nyawa kau, isteri dan anak-anak masih di dalam jasad.

Oh, by the way.. kau. Yang bawak kereta tak reti-reti nak signal tu. Sakit jari? Berat ye nak tarik benda signal tu? Ke kau tak faham konsep signal? Cukup-cukup la tu. Aku benci sangat dengan kau. Aku doa sangat-sangat keluarga kita tak akan berselisih.

Okay la, bye. Happy motoring.
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I talk less nowadays.
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At the End of the Line 2

20081221-DSC 3089

20081221-DSC 3085

20081221-DSC 3077

20081221-DSC 3069


20081221-DSC 3090

20081221-DSC 3060

20081221-DSC 3065

20081221-DSC 3057

Across the street they've nailed the curtains
They're getting ready for the feast
The Phantom of the Opera
In a perfect image of a priest
They are spoonfeeding Casanova
To get him to feel more assured
Then they'll kill him with self-confidence
After poisoning him with words
Then the Phantom shouting to skinny girls
"Get Outa Here If You Don't Know
Casanova is just being punished for going
To Desolation Row"

21 Disember 2008
Melur, Bandar Baru Sentul
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At the End of the Line

Jalan 2/48A - 1

Jalan 2/48A - 5

Jalan 2/48A - 3

Jalan 2/48A - 4

Proton Satria

18 Disember 2008
Jalan 2/48A


How do you pronounce Sentul?
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Me me me

Thank you Mgy, and by extension, Gon
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Side Project

I feel like I'm in a band. Heh


My Tumblr tumbleblog.

So what is there? A lot less that what you'll find here, yet at the same time a whole lot more.

Go check it out while I'm still in the mood.



No, I won't be shutting this blog down.

Yes, I'm thinking of a template redesign.

No, you can't comment there.

Yes, I'm perfectly fine about it.

No, I'm not hungry.

Yes, I would love to inherit all your money.


Happy Post-Hadi's Birthday to you all. Too bad you guys missed the parade, the wild rabbit balloon was awesome.


No, I'm not crazy yet.

Yes, I'm bored.
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The static whisper in my ear..

The static whisper in my ear
But in a moment your voice was clear
"I need some time," you said to me
That's when I knew you were gonna make me lonely

On Peak Hill
by Stars


Love this band to bits.
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Semua pun orang, semua bukan hantu

Waktu: Sekitar jam 5.00 petang.
Lokasi: Padang polo, berhampiran Hospital Pulau Pinang.
Situasi: Temubual dalam teksi.

Aunty: Ni you kerja ka baca? (Somehow Arif found this question very funny)

Hadi: Ha?.. Owh.. Baca, baca.

A: Baguih la macam tu. Elok-elok baca, nanti hidup senang. You orang Penang ka?

H: Saya dok Seberang. Kepala Batas.

A: Owh.. ni mai jalan-jalan la. Esok raya kan?

H: Haa.. tu la, saja jalan-jalan. You duduk mana?

A: Saya dok itu Kampung Melayu sana.. situ semua orang Melayu, jiran-jiran semua.

H: Owhh..

A: Ala, Cina ka, Melayu ka takdak beza la noh? Semua pun orang, semua bukan hantu kan? Ini sekarang ini zaman sudah lain, semua pun sama-sama. Betui dak?

H: Betui-betui..

A: Saya punya adik pun kawin sama Melayu. Sudah 15 taun kawin.. banyak senang. Yang penting a, hati mesti mau senang. Kalau Melayu sama Melayu, Cina sama Cina tapi hati tak senang nak buat apa? Kalau Cina dengan Melayu tapi hati senang lagi baguih.

H: Yup yup.. betui.

A: You baca kasi betui-betui.. Saya baca tak pandai, saya bawak teksi. Tapi sama-sama pun mesti kena ada. Kalau saya takdak bawak teksi pun nanti you penat jalan kaki. Ada betui ka?

Now, pray tell me. Where do I find 20 million more people like this nice Aunty?
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Haiwan Liar

Take your mind off political nonsense and economical apocalypse and listen.

Haiwan Liar
by Sorry
Featured on Junk Magazine Lo-fideo.
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“Worker bees can leave.
Even drones can fly away.
The Queen is their slave.”

“Worker bees can leave.
Even drones can fly away.
The Queen is their slave.”

“Worker bees can leave.
Even drones can fly away.
The Queen is their slave.”

“Worker bees can leave.
Even drones can fly away.
The Queen is their slave.”

“Worker bees can leave.
Even drones can fly away.
The Queen is their slave.”

“Worker bees can leave.
Even drones can fly away.
The Queen is their slave.”

“Worker bees can leave.
Even drones can fly away.
The Queen is their slave.”

“Worker bees can leave.
Even drones can fly away.
The Queen is their slave.”

“Worker bees can leave.
Even drones can fly away.
The Queen is their slave.”

“Worker bees can leave.
Even drones can fly away.
The Queen is their slave.”
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My First Crush

by Julia Pott


Dear Julia Pott, whoever and wherever you are.

I admire your work.
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To dos

1. Work as a photojournalist for Reuters, stationed in Beirut.

2. Shoot 5 photos of Dita Von Teese.

3. Be homeless and begging on the streets of London.

4. Do a short movie about that.

5. Own a small, cosy apartment in St. Petersburg overlooking the Neva.

6. Start, and finish reading The Brothers Karamazov.

7. Do a documentary about my grandfather.

8. Have my name in the opening, or the very least, closing credits of a Bond movie.

9. Teach people.

10. Change the world.
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Movies I like

In no particular order.
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