Their War, Our World.. Oh Joy!

I just came back from the cinema after watching the new Transformers movie. Well, what can I say about the movie? It was awesome! Haha.. Talk about 3 hour of power!

I must admit before watching this I wasn't really that eager to watch the movie, what more on its premiere day. I remember watching Geto joyously surf their website and telling me this and that while I acted as if I was interested. Sorry Geto.. Nevertheless, the day I went to watch the yawning Fantastic 4 was when I was taken aback by the Transformers movie trailer and I guess I just couldn't wait to see this movie.

Well, i wouldn't want to spoil the movie for you so I wouldn't say anything about the plot and all that. Nevertheless, I would like to reassure you all that this movie got everything! Teenage romance? Check. Family values? Check. Comedy? Check. Sci-Fi technology? Check. Hard pounding action? Check. Heck, they even make fun of George W. Bush and how the United States handle national security issues as well as the government's love of secrecy. Damn, I really really wanna write more about it.. Oh well, it's better for you guys to see it for yourself. Haha..

Anyway, there you have it.. My two cents on the Transformers movie. Forget what people tell you about this movie not being true to the original Transformers and all that, you don't need to be a fanboy to appreciate this movie. Totally worth it.


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Eye On Malaysia

I've been waiting for it for quite a while actually and yesterday I finally found the right time to do it: ride on the Eye On Malaysia ferris wheel! Haha.. I guess there are already a lot of people who have had the chance to ride on it far far earlier than me but I'm not really comfortable around crowd of people so I waited. Thank god for it though since yesterday the place was quite empty with no queue line to buy tickets. Heck, even the gondolas are not full. It's a good thing to note that the people who work there are quite friendly and by friendly I mean that they are not shy to smile and say thank you. That's a good start.

Anyway, as you might already know the ride costs RM 15 each for adults and it lasts around 15 minutes. One Ringgit a minute.. hurm, is it worth it? Well, that is a hard question to answer actually. Firstly, my gondola is hot eventhough I know that the air conditioning is working thanks to that subtle hum up above. I don't know about other gondolas, it could even be my fault though since I was there before sundown, around 5 o'clock. The glass covering my gondola is also somewhat dirty and it seemed as if they haven't wiped it for quite a while. Hurm..

The view from up above is not entirely fascinating as I hoped it to be. I was thinking of getting a good view of the entire Kuala Lumpur but instead the Eye On Malaysia isn't high enough to satisfy my anticipation though if you are afraid of height, it's quite enough to scare you. Claustrophobic are not spared too; the gondolas shake a lot. Anyway, it is safe to say that if you really want to get a bird's eye view of the big bad city, you might want to head to KL Tower instead. Oh, I always forgot that thing exist..

Don't get me wrong though, I'm not saying that the ride was utter boredom. It's not. I do however think that they should somehow improvise on the ride more. Spinning on the wheel 3 times is not that much fun no? The same goes to sitting in a hot gondola surrounded by smudgy glass. Though before I noted that the staffs are nicer that average, they are still lacking in the maintenance and housekeeping department. If you charge people that much money for the ride, it should be better or perhaps they don't care as long as by the end of the year, they have enough money to pay the owner of the wheel and some left to jolly. I personally hope that is not the case.

On the brighter side of things, I believe it won't hurt to ride that wheel. After all, it's a once in a lifetime experience which you can tell your grandchild about sometime in the future. Neat innit? "Atuk dulu naik ferris wheel dekat Tasik Titiwangsa, time tu ada ferris wheel tapi sekarang dah takde dah." Haha! Anyway, if you are going do try to go on weekdays since there's not really many people around. Im not really sure about this but some people say that if you go on weekends they pack you all into the gondola at 8 people each, which wouldn't be quite fun especially if the 6 other people are total strangers while on weekdays, you get a gondola to yourself. Can anyone confirm on this? Oh, plus its easier to park on weekdays.

So if you happen to be wondering where to take your girlfriend or boyfriend, why not head to Tasik Titiwangsa and get on the wheel. It's a change from pussing-pusing shopping complex innit?


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The new Fiat Punto

I love Fiat Punto and I can trace back that love way back several years ago when I first saw them on the road. Why? Well.. I dunno, I guess I like the way the car looks.. Comel! Haha.. Well, most of the cars I dream of owning are mostly selected purely on the form factor.. which some people might detest. Still, I wouldn't want to be seen driving an ugly car no matter how powerful it is.

Well, that's back when I haven't got my license yet. After one year of driving, I now appreciate more the need for power in automobiles as well as fuel economy. I understood that to most people, a car is a tool for them to get from A to B and not as something particularly fun. In other words, most people by cars because they need to, only some people are lucky enough to buy expensive cars just because they want to.

This year I'm lucky to have two friends who both drive a Punto to college; Keisha and Naomi. Both of them own the Nouva Punto (Mark 2), the kind you normally see on the road. Well, though both seemed happy with their cars, I albeit being a passenger somehow felt quite unsatisfied with the power of the car since I really felt like Mak's Chevy is more powerful. Well, it's sad I didn't have the chance to be on the driver's seat to fully comprehend the car. Nevertheless, based on the experience Fiat Punto went a few notches down on my list.. It's just not for me I guess.

Anyway, a few days ago while I was at Ikano with Neet I saw something that really really amaze me: The new Fiat Punto.

Wow wow wow.. Isn't she a beauty? Gone were the round egg shape of the old Punto, replaced with a sleeker, slimmer look resembling a Chevy Optra 5 with a front end that reminds me of a Maserati. By the way, the picture above is taken from Wikipedia since I didn't tug along my camera at that time. The only difference between the one at Ikano and the one up there is the former is a a 4 door model and the latter is a 3 door. The interior is modified, stripping away all the wavy-curvy look of the previous model in place for a new black spartan, minimalist interior and what seems to be AMT transmission (Just for the record, I would love an auto car more than a manual, looking at the area I usually drive). Wow, what more could I ask?

Well, there are actually. First is how much is the car since they didn't put a price tag on it and the seller look at me as if I don't have any money and didn't bother to layan me anyway. Couldn't blame him though, I don't really have any money. Haha.. Well, I don't expect to get this car my millionaire friends. I'm quite happy sharing the Chevy with Mak for the meanwhile.. but hey, my birthday is in December so if any one of you millionaires want to make me really happy, the Fiat Punto should be a safe bet. Hahaha..
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Dear readers, I have a request

Sitting in my room staring at my oversized desk ornament got me thinking for quite a while now and I guess this is what I must say.

If you happen to have a old Apple computer that you no longer use, be it working or dead or if you happen to know anyone with one sitting in a closet or in a storeroom somewhere, forgotten or waiting to be disposed, do give me a ring and I see if I can take it off your hand. I don't have money to give you for the exchange but I do promise that your computer will be in good hands, taken care of with love and respect, the same way I handle my own Mac.

There are lots of things one can do with old computers and one of them is making it usable again, as what I'm working on with Mr. Mokhtar Daud's iMac. I know some people love to see it as an aquarium or a nightlight or even a bed for their cats, but I rather see them alive and be used the way it meant to be. Yes, no one expect a 10 year old computer to be relevant in todays world but when you really think about it, there are a lot of things we do on computers that does not demand a dual core processor or tons of memory. A 10 year old computer might not look like the gem it used to be but to some, it just need some polishing and it'll shine nonetheless.

Why am I doing this? Probably the same way people refurbish cars for. You don't turn an old Mustang into an aquarium, you want to make it roadworthy again. Why should computers be so much different then? It is actions like these that kept a lot of things from extinction.

So, again if you happen to have any Macs lying around your house and you are thinking of dumping it somewhere, do tell me about it. I'll try to give it a new life in a new home. Thanks.
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Not-so-fantastic 4

I went to watch Fantastic 4 yesterday with Neet. Initially I would be more happy lining up for Ocean's 13 tickets but up to this day, none people I go out with seemed to share the same idea. What's wrong with Ocean's 13?

First and foremost let me clarify that I'm not really a Fantastic 4 fan though I used to watch them on TV back in the days of MegaTV and oh, I haven't watched the first movie so I'm quite clueless about the franchise and all that. Well, we live and we learn or so they say.. I guess it won't hurt much learning something new.

Well, unlike other superheroes such as Batman, Superman, Spider-man and whatnot who lives a double life and do their best to safeguard their secret identity, Fantastic 4 did the exact opposite. Instead of living in caves, they live in a penthouse on a high rise building in New York with the building shaped like their logo. The Fantastic 4 also enjoy celebrity status as shown during the first half of the movie where Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman's wedding made front page news on The New York Times and even E! News. Well, I'm not quite accustomed to see superheroes in this manner but hey, at least they are being honest.

Being famous apparently carries a toll especially on the Human Torch which is depicted an egoistic, self-centered, glory hunting and brash individual. Well, maybe Stan Lee wanted him to be like that but to me, it kindof reminds me of all the jocks in high school movies I've watched.. which isn't a good thing.

While Batman is loved by the cops, Fantastic 4 is a notch above our Caped Crusader since they involve themselves with the oh-so-mighty United States Army led by yet another jock in a form of a General who dictates most of the stuff the Fantastic 4 did. Now, that pisses me off. Unlike any other superheroes where they only operate in their friendly neighbourhood, the Fantastic 4 saves the whole world with the US Army tagging along most of the places they went to. What happen to all the British armed forces when the Silver Surfer attacked London (Which is quite a cliché. Why does it have to be big cities? Sheesh..)? Why didn't the German Army lend their hand during the strike at Black Forest? The whole movie reeks the stench of America saves the day again.. Boring.

The movie tried to include the theme of enemies joining together to fight a greater evil when Doctor Doom joined forces with the Fantastic 4. Well, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that our Victor von Doom is 'secretly' scheming of something and when it did happen, I was so suprised! Yeah, right.. Sheesh. I'm not saying that it's wrong or anything, it's just that the whole thing is too weak as opposed to The Pirates of The Caribbean: At World's End which is too damn complex. Maybe they were trying to make everything work according to their limited screen time which is only around 90 minutes. Well, I really don't mind an extra long movie if it is good though.. Hurm..

Then I have a problem with Doctor Doom. Half of the movie he appeared as a normal human being, devoid of his supervillain-ish outfit. Apparently the folks who made this movie didn't try hard enough to villain-ize Doctor Doom, leaving him with the role of a power mad old man on a surfboard and completely oblivious to the fact that the board is drawing the Planet Eater, Galactus towards Earth. If Doctor Doom was as brilliant as they try to make him look, he would've relinquished the board to save the Earth. Where would he terrorize if the planet was eaten then?

What about the Silver Surfer? This movie is about him isn't it? Well, unfortunately he only appeared for a few while on screen, half of it as a glowing white light traveling through space while a quarter of the other half he was tied in a laboratory, being tortured. Oh come on! Is that the best you can do portraying the Surfer? If that is the case then the movie is ought to be renamed Fantastic Four: Mr. Fantastic and Invisible woman's Wedding. That'll be more appropriate, wouldn't it?

Well, I'm sorry to all those who love this movie.. it's just that I've watched many many superhero movies before and comparing Fantastic 4 against them, I can see that there's more need to be done to the Fantastic 4 franchise to remain relevant. It's not a lost cause though, Batman and Robin sucks too. Sorry also to those who haven't watched it for spoiling the story. I don't think this movie is worth that RM10 you're paying.

But then again, it's just me..

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Phewh! What a week. My throat is getting better and better so I guess by the start of next week I should've been able to eat something spicy. I'm craving nasik lemak. Huhu..

Anyway, yesterday I went to Low Yatt Plaza with Hariri and Raja Azraff. Hariri was looking for a FireWire cable for his iPod while I went browsing for some second hand computers at some of the stores. I love doing that coz you'll never know what you might find and guess what? Yesterday I struck gold! While walking pass a second hand shop owned by some Hindi fellas, my eye caught on to what seemed like a computer monitor way up on a cupboard. I immediately recognized it and pointed it to my also Mac geek friend Hariri; it's an iMac, the original iMac G3. Wow wow wow...

I've personally been checking eBay quite often for the G3 iMac and I've also been asking around at the Apple Store if they happen to have one for sale. Why do I want 'em? Well, mostly because of its cult status as the symbol of the renaissance of computer design of the late '90s which would look very nice on my desk. Though it is quite old, it still is a very capable computer considering what we actually do with our computers nowadays. Checking your MySpace account doesn't require a computer with Intel Core 2 Duo with Gigabytes of RAM isn't it? Then, there's also the thing about its simplicity that amazes me; the whole computer, just like that. No messy wires, no nothing. Isn't that cool? Unfortunately, the eBay ones are very expensive considering the shipping cost due to its weight. The local ones are either dead, or very, very expensive: who would want to buy an 8 year old computer for RM800?

So I went to the fella inside the shop and asked him about the price of the two Macs inside his store: the eMac is selling for RM1500 and the iMac, RM350. I was like, what? RM350? Are you sure? Wow, that's cheap! Thank god Hariri came along with his bargaining skills and we managed to persuade the seller to mark it down to RM300. Needless to say, we rushed to the ATM and after checking that everything was in order, we went home with an iMac though the original hockey puck mouse was missing. What a bargain! When is the last time you bought a computer for RM300?

Back home I started to set everything up and puff, the system loads perfectly. It was still running Mac OS 9, the same one I used last year in college so I was quite okay with it. Nevertheless, a cheap system comes with a price. The previous owner, Mr. Mokhtar Daud got a DVD stuck in the slot load DVD drive that won't come out. Then, the speaker can't sustain too much treble or too much bass so we have to play everything in moderation. Still, that was all okay to me considering how cheap it was.. Well, until it died on me. Jeng jeng jeng..

After a checkup at the Apple Store earlier today, it turned out that the analog board that controls the hardware of the iMac was faulty possible due to heavy usage in hot environment. Tisk tisk tisk.. Mr. Mokhtar Daud, you ought to take better care of your computers no? Due to its age, a replacement logic board would cost around RM1000 via the Apple Store since they have some refurbished pieces that comes with 3 month warranty.. or, we can look for it ourself on eBay for helluva cheaper price (just now I checked, it is around RM200) without any warranty whatsoever. Other than that, the iMac is great as an aquarium, a nightlight and of course, paperweight or door stopper.

While I'm still wondering of what to do with the iMac, it is gonna sit on my desk as an oversized desk ornament. Did I regret the purchase? Not really, though I was kind of frustrated when the Apple guy told me about that. Well, I guess I'm still gonna keep it and start a hobby of fixing it and maybe one day I'll be able to write a post for this blog using that lovable machine.


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Thank You

Hi folks, sorry for being quite stagnant for a while. I'm already back in Rawang as of last Friday and currently recovering from the operation. Sakit siot!

Well, think about it; I removed something outa my nose and throat that'll not heal until a week or two. We humans must eat and breathe need we not? So yeah, eating isn't as much fun as it used to be and it takes much much longer chewing them so they go in smoothly. Tisk.. C'est la vie.

Anyway, two days ago we did have our barbecue cum kenduri arwah Syafiq Salam. Haha, really gonna kill him next time I meet him. It all went smoothly over at Erare's house is Kelana Jaya with a good turnaround of some 30 plus people including some I haven't meet for a long long time such as Pok Wang and Bebeh. Good times, great friends.. Thanks to all who came, I'll post them pictures up soon ya?

So hang in there, I'll be around with some posting before this week ends. Got lotsa lotsa things to write about. Anyway, thanks to all those warm wishes, those are probably the best medicine one could ask for. Thank you also to you all chatting over there on my chatbox while I was away. Haha.. 

Thanks and god bless!
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Good Morning

Good morning people. It's 10 minutes to 10 here in Rawang and at around 11 I'll be going back to Penang. Why? I'm going under the knife.

See, I've got this something swelling inside my nasal system and it needs to be removed. For all you medic students, its my adenoids and tonsils. It's not really a life threatening situation though, it's just that it might one day fully clog my respiration system.. Owh, wait.. That's life threatening. Yeah, and I'm kind of bored disturbing other people's sleep. Budak Koleqs should know what I'm talking about. Haha..

So my operation is on Tuesday and I won't be back in the Valley 'till Thursday or Friday and since there's no Internet over where I'm going, I won't be updating this blog. Sorry..

Anyway, just wanna say thanks to all who've been reading my blog all this while. I have roughly 100 readers weekly from many many countries. Thank you and do please pray for my wellbeing ya? I do am afraid.

So folks, have a nice week ahead of you and I can't wait to be back again. Cheers!
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Satu nusa, satu bangsa, satu bahasa kita..

In the light of Cepe's posting on Bahasa Malaysia and how it effects our unity as Malaysians, I suddenly remembered about this song of our neighbour.

Satu nusa, satu bangsa, satu bahasa kita..
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Happy Holidays?

I don't really enjoy long long holidays lately. I know I did pray for it when I was in school and all that but having the real chance to live through it, man.. it's no fun! Well, yeah some might suggest doing something to make the break worthwhile but looking at my timetables for June, I see no real opening for work or whatever.

Anyway, I can't wait for college to start again! Crazy? Well at least I know I have important things to do instead of having to figure out what to do. So lately I've been checking the calendar and since the new semester is bound to start in July, I was really looking forward to it. Based on my experience with Limkokwing, the semester should begin on the first week of July thus I basically have around 3 weeks left to kill, so I went to Sungei Wang to get myself a new bag for the new semester.. Haha, macam masa budak-budak dulu.. bag Swan. Well, my current bag is way past its prime and it's quite a shame totting that around so what the heck.

Earlier today I was on YM with Lina and she broke the news to me: College ain't gonna open until 26 July. 26 July? What the hell? She told me she got an email from the college so I immediately checked all my mailbox and there it was:

I'm in FCMB, Faculty of Communication, Multimedia and Broadcasting so I ought to register on 26 which should be a Thursday. Damn, one more month to kill.. What am I supposed to do with all that time?


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Mesra, Cepat dan Betul

I went to meet Neet yesterday to have dinner at Domino's in Ampang Point. Since it was rush hour we drove along the jalan dalam through Dato' Keramat to Jalan Jelatek instead of the normal route, via Jalan Tun Razak - Jalan Ampang - Jalan Jelatek. So while I was waiting for the traffic light into Jalan Jelatek something banged into my Chevy. I was like, what the hell and looked behind to see a middle aged Indian guy on a motorbike. Instinctively I stepped out of the Chevy but before I managed to do just that, he speed off on his motorcycle. Thank God for the vigilante eyes of Neet; she managed to get that fella's plate number, BJJ 3630.

Okay, the orange thing in the middle is Jelatek LRT. The road parallel to it is Jalan Jelatek. I was on the road at the junction in the middle there, a lil bit to the left, under those shady trees.

It wasn't anything major but that fella did caused a foot long dent on the Chevy around the area where the fuel tank should be. Anyway, the light turned green so I got back into the Chevy and drove to Ampang nonetheless. Abah told me to go and lodge a report at the police station so I went to one in Pekan Ampang only to know that it was outside their jurisdiction; the accident was in KL, Ampang is Selangor. Nevertheless, they kindly told me to go to Balai Jalan Bandar and lodge a report there. Cool, where's Jalan Bandar?

I made several phone calls and all told me to look for it around the Klang Bus Stand area, or somewhere around Petaling Street. Hurmm.. Okay, so from Ampang I masuk Tun Razak into Kampung Baru then through Chow Kit to Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman straight until Dataran Merdeka, took the left turn to Puduraya before taking the right along Jalan Petaling and made a wild guess into Jalan Tun H.S. Lee. Guess what, there it was but hey, this is Jalan Tun H.S. Lee not Jalan Bandar? What the hell.. that's another mystery of KL. I remember Bono sang a song about a place where the streets have no name..

So I went into the complaint lobby waited for my turn and typed a report on the ancient computer. It sadden me to see the guy next to me figuring out how to use a mouse.. Well, after typing all the stories I thought I can finally go back since it was like, 9 o'clock already then. Sadly, the officer told me to take the report up the first floor and see a Sarjan Aisyah at the Bahagian Siasatan. Reluctantly, I did what he say..

I sat on the plastic chair overlooking Wisma Tun Sambanthan while waiting for my turn to meet this Aisyah person. Before me are two other guys so I patiently waited.. They work according to team and they are open 24 hours and that day, the team on duty was the A-Team.. Oh, I hope I get to see Mr. T in there. Anyway, since Sarjan Aisyah is a lady cop, she should be nice like that JPJ woman who tested me last year. Well, wrong. I don't want to go into details but just for the record, I don't ever want to be interrogated by cops ever. I thought since I was innocent they would be very nice with me but it turned out I was rather guilty until proven innocent and they started asking me some very tough question before we all go down to get a look at the car. I can see that Sarjan Aisyah wasn't really impressed at the damage on my Chevy and told me to either wait there for the cameraman who was away somewhere.. and yes, there's only one cameraman on duty so go figure. I decided to chow and come back for the photo shoot on the next day..

So what is the moral of this story? I learnt that any accident big or small is a hassle. I learnt how boring it is to go through all the red tapes and bureaucracy and at the end of the day, cops are cops, man or woman and you are guilty until proven innocent. Mesra? Nope.. Cepat? Nope.. Betul? I sure hope so.


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Really Simple What?

What is RSS? I've tried blogging about the benefits of RSS or its propper name, Really Simple Syndication for quite a few times but it always end up being too technical and would most probably confuse or bore you.. or perhaps both, well before you figure out what it's for. So, being true to my last posting, here's a simpler way to explain: picture.

Now, what the hell is that? That my fair lady is an RSS reader application for Mac OS X. Fret not, Windows have their own incarnation too and in fact you might be using one now. If you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer 7, your browser is capable of handling RSS feed so you don't really need the use of an external reader.

Now based on my experience, most RSS reader sports an interface that resembles one another so what you see in my RSS reader, the layout and all that would almost be what you see on Windows. Now, on the left hand side is a list of all website and blogs I subscribed with. How do one subscribe to a website? See that orange logo near the bottom of this blog's sidebar? That's an RSS logo. Most sites would have it quite where i have mine or in some cases at the bottom most of the page. If not, look for something with RSS written over it. On top of that, most modern browser will display the logo on the address bar of the site, next to the its address so you don't need to go hunting around the page to subscribe. Just click on the damn orange logo. Almost certainly, that's basically what one ought to do to subscribe. They don't call it Really Simple Syndication for nothing did they?

So there for example I subscribed to Wired Magazine's online site and when I click on it, the top-right pane will display the headlines of all entries that are available on the site chronologically. All I need to do now is select which headline that I find interesting and click on it. An excerpt of the article would then appear on the bottom-right pane for me to read a lil bit more on the story and if I really want to know more, I can just double click on the headline again and the website of the said article will open and I can read all about it.

Now, you might wonder why go through all this if you can just open a browser and key in the sites you frequent most. Well, that works too but if you are like me and your frequent read consists of 20 something sites.. it might be a hassle. With RSS, I can just skim through all the headlines of all 20 sites in one place and only select those which interest me the most. Another cool thing is most RSS readers can be set to automatically refresh the content of all subscriptions so what you get is up to date news.

Simple isn't it? Now you don't really need to check a particular blog to know of any updates, your RSS reader will do it for you. For Mac users, Safari is a very good RSS reader but you might want to try other variations like NetNewsWire, NewsFire or my personal favorite, Vienna. Windows user might want to have a look at Feedreader, FeedDemon or good ol' Mozilla Thunderbird. I don't know about you, but once I tried RSS, I got hooked and never looked back.

Happy experimenting!


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Picture speaks a 1000 words

I'm quite accustommed to people's blank stare when I mentioned I'm studying Mass Communication. The next thing they'll probably ask is of course, "Mass Comm tu apa?". Sometimes when I'm in the mood I often give out a more detailed information on my course though when I'm not quite in the mood I often give a simple answer: Media. When I'm really not in the mood pulak, I would skip the whole Mass Comm thing and tell them I'm studying Broadcasting (or Penyiaran, depending on the audience), or Journalism followed by a few names of big companies like Astro or TV3 to give them a better idea. Well, that's what happen to minorities.. I don't think Medic student have to go through all this.

Being in Limkokwing and in Communication school, I often stumble upon frequent terms that though I myself use quite a lot: Marketing, PR, Advertising and Branding. These four words are everywhere in Limkokwing and just like Mass Comm up there, it does need some clarification for most people to fully grasp it.. and clarifying it isn't as easy as it sounds. I remember telling Arif about what PR really is and it took us the whole lenght from the Rawang toll to Sungai Buloh exit to cover the basic fundamentals of it, with some examples. Shouldn't life be easy?

Well, I would like to thank the Internet and my boredness for showing me an easier way of doing it: Pictures.

Simple isn't it? There you have it, the fundamentals of Marketing, PR, Advertising and Branding in 4 simple pictures. Now, don't tell me you still don't understand..

Psst: I couldn't manage to get the picture to be bigger than that. Click it to view in original size. By the way, I can't remember the original site I got this picture from. If it happen to be yours or you have issues regarding me using it, do write a comment and I'll take the appropriate action. Thanks in advance.


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