Oh Jared Leto..

Life hasn't been quite nice lately. Neet is busy with her sister's wedding so much that she doesn't seem to care whether I call or not. The people I love to hang out with most are busy or away, leaving me without a reason to go out. Then earlier today I saw Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars' abs in their videoclip and comparing it to mine stressed me out even more.. Oh Jared Leto. No wonder Alexander love his Hephastion so much...

I really should be doing something serious now about my weight. I really really should. Sometime I think the reason I prefer staying at home rather than go out - other than because I'm broke - is because at home I don't need to be really wary about how I look. I can just linger around in my Banana Republic tees and shorts all day long..

Yesterday I went out with Mak and Arif to KLCC. Arif is getting a new pair of kicks and I suggested Everlast, which he eventually did buy. I was looking for a new pair of jeans.. I've been wearing that one pair I have for quite too often. Now, this is another part I hate about being fat: shopping. I know that for my size, Levi's only offer two cuttings; 501 and 512 which limits my choices. Unfortunately for me, they only have one patern left for the 512 and none for the 501 and I hate that one pattern so I chow. Neet suggested me to look at TopMan but after being twice or thrice there I came to a conclusion that my body type is not what TopMan targets for so I ditched that too.

Having frustrated over jeans I head into Parkson to get a nice new long sleeved shirt for any formal whatever I might need to attend later. After picking up one I like the nice lady asked me what size I'm wearing. I said I didn't know since they don't use the XL thing so she did the math for me and handed me a size 17 and a half. Owh Okay, I picked it up and went into the fitting room. Now, I don't know if they have a term for this but I think I have a phobia of fitting room. It's not quite claustrophobia, it's more of the fear of being inside a room alone with a very honest mirror. Well, you get what I mean. The size turn out to be a tad too big for me so I tried on the size 17. Still too big, on to 16 and a half.. quite okay but I think 16 should be perfect. So I put on the size 16. Great! The shoulder fit nicely. Oh, couldn't button the neck.. Hurm, nevermind I wouldn't be wearing a tie anyway. Let's try buttoning it all the way down.. down.. look into the mirror... Oh shit. Oh shit.. Well, 16 and a half it is.

It's not fun being fat. Seriously. You can take that as a fact. I spent my childhood being the stereotypical fat kid. Around puberty I grew helluva tall and lost helluva weight - mostly because of MCKK and the brutal Prep School prefects - only to gain all that back after SPM. God I wish there was an Empty Recycle Bin button somewhere..

This is probably the second time I'm bitching about my weight on my blog for the whole world to read. Not many people I know would want someone over in Nicaragua to know about a fat guy in Malaysia.. but hell, I just don't know who else I want to talk with. It's kind of a motivation see, to acknowledge a problem. Knowing is half the battle, or something.. Take a look at this video while you are at it.

Well, I'm quite like that giraffe. I denied, got mad at it, bargained a few times, got depressed again and again and even tried to accept it as a fate but I still ain't satisfied.. Not until I have those Jared Leto abs..

Psst: He's the lead vocalist. The ab is somewhere around 2.48
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Pulau Pinang

I tuned to Red104 one day last week where the DJs were arguing over having a vacation by the beach or in the city. Lucky I didn't have any prepaid credit left then or I might just call to remind them of a place that has both: Penang. Oh, how I miss Penang.

Anyway, yes I just came back from my kampung in Penang. Naturally I would love to say that my kampung is actually in Kedah but looking at things these days, Penang would be a more honest answer.. Tisk, I miss Kedah.

On the way back I managed to drove the Chevy all the way from Rawang to Kuala Kangsar to pick Arif up and then straight to Penang. I remember Mak telling me how my Tok Wan singlehandedly drove from Aloq Staq all the way to KL.. ikut jalan lama. If he can, I can too. Anyway, at MCKK I took the opportunity to pick up my SPM certificate from the office and meet a few teachers. It's sad to know that though they find me familliar, not all remember me all that well. I surely missed MCKK.

The initial reason for me to be back in Penang was to have a medical checkup thing there and since the hospital only opens on weekdays, I have the weekend to kill.. and what better way to do that if not with my good College buddies. Cot was kind enough to pick me up at Pokok Sena and drove us all the way to Queensbay Mall on the island where Ober will be waiting. Though I've met Cot quite a few times after MCKK, the last time I met Ober was March 2006 so I was quite excited. The plan was for us to watch Pirates of The Carribbean 3 there.. a movie which I've watched earlier with Neet. Nevertheless, I did say nothing to Cot or Ober. It's a good movie, I don't mind watching it twice.

Queensbay Mall is one of the new ones on the island but sadly it is not in Georgetown, a city I very much keen on visiting but never really had any chance to. Most of my memories of Georgetown are those when I was still living in Aloq Staq where the family would occasionally visit the island (since Aloq Staq had nothing back then..). I remember a McDonalds drivethru which trully is magical back then at that age, which I now wonder if it is still there, wherever it was. I remember visiting Tok Wan at Saint George's Institution on Jalan Macalister, a Francis Light statue nearby and lots and lots of old buildings along the road. I remember going to Prangin Mall and Gurney Plaza with Munggay and Mujahid last year and.. well, that's probably what I remember about Georgetown. But I do remember Eddy and Am's amazed face when I told them I don't really have a clue where Padang Kota was.. memalukan, since I told them that my kampung is is Penang.

Back in Pokok Sena, life was very much different. I don't know why I noticed it this time but time really does tick more slowly over there. Honestly. Here in Rawang, a day start and ends just like that but in Pokok Sena, waiting for the clock to pass noon was tiring in is own right. I guess it might be that Einstein's Theory of Relativity thing. Reminds me of how addicted I am to the Internet, and how much time I wasted online.. Nevertheless, I really missed being back in the Valley. It might be hectic and good char kuey teows are hard to find but it's home. And oh, I miss home..

Last weekend was indeed a trip of self discovery and I can conclude that I am very much a city person and from where I'm standing, I couldn't see that to change anytime soon..


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Future Me

Being bored online does have a few advantages. One of them is to discover interesting sites that you never heard of before, but is exactly what you were looking for some time in your life. I discovered once as such: FutureMe.

Back when I was Form 1 at the Malay College, all of us were to write a letter for our future self that will be kept by the then Prep School prefects only to be given back to us when we were in Form 5. Back then, it was quite a remarkable idea to write a letter to your future self and I did wrote quite hell of a lot in that letter, about my hopes of what I'll acheive in 5 years time. Nevertheless, there's always Murphy's Law. The particular prefect that was supposed to keep the letters went oversea and while he was there, his family did a spring cleaning of his room and found a box of letters and accidentally thought it was junk and threw it away.. Tisk..

Enter FutureMe. This site works around the same fundamentals of the future letter idea but instead of analog, written letters, they do it using emails. Here's according to the website:
two fellas started this here site so that you could write yourself a letter to be delivered at a later date. we've all had to do them in high school and college. it's sorta cool to receive a letter from yourself about where you thought you'd be a year (two years? more?) later. FutureMe.org is based on the principle that memories are less accurate than emails. we strive for accuracy.
How cool is that? Not only could you write something for yourself to receive in the future, you could also email it to anyone you like. On top of that, we don't need to worry about the wear and tear of letters, or even the kind of mishap I mentioned earlier.. and you can basically set it to a maximum date of 30 years from now! Well, as long as you still use that email, the website is still running by then, there will still be an Internet and of course, no Nuclear War outbreak that'll wipe out entire humanity happening in that time frame.

Already have something in mind? Just click on the picture above to be transported to FutureMe.

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My dad once suggested me to do a blog on restaurants and eateries since our family often argues when the question of where to it is coined up. Well, I did give it a thought but as days go by I kindof forgot about it. The thought of dedicating one whole blog for eating spot is also something I'm not particularly keen of.. Anyway, after doing an entry about SS2 Murni I think I could give the idea one more chance, albeit doing it in this blog instead of a new one.

Though I happen to spend quite some time in Cyberjaya, I still do travel to KL quite often thanks to my friend Dzul and his venerable red Kancil Turbo. One particular night, he asked me to teman him to Danau Kota as a bouncer since he was going to ask for rent from a guy who is renting his dad's house there. Needless to say he paid on the spot at the sight of two of us. So after that we both went looking for a place to eat where he introduced me to Nasi Ayam Mancongkam.

First of all, I don't have any idea what Mancongkam really means but I do know from Dzul that this folks just moved their restaurant here from a less permanent spot. The specialty of this place is a particular dish called Nasi Ayam Garing where the chicken is very much crispier than its Nasi Ayam Biasa counterpart. They also offer the Ayam Garing with other type of rices such as Nasi Goreng which, taste quite awesome too.

Though the crispy chicken sounds quite tempting, the normal Nasi Ayam is also a winner. Remember those skinny strip of chicken they call Nasi Ayam at food courts? You don't get em here. What you get instead is a healthy portion of chicken flesh in a shallow pool of kicap garnished with healthy looking and crispy salad. Though the kicap might prove to be a tad too salty for some, there's always the chilli sauce to counter the taste and leave you with a very delicious meal. And I do mean delicious.. look around; most people are ordering their second helping.

So, how do you get here? Well, from Bulatan Pahang take the turn into Setapak and drive all the way till the juction to Danau Kota. From there, drive straight through Taman Ibu Kota until you reach a junction at the end of the road. If I'm not mitaken, the right turn will lead you to Sungai Pusu. Don't go there. Take the left turn into Jalan Gombak (again, if I'm not mistaken) and drive happily until you reach a traffic light. From there, drive slowly cause this thing is quite easy to miss. You should keep an eye on the right hand side of the road and look for a big orange-reddish coloured mosque. Opposite the mosque is a restaurant Haji Tapah. Mancongkam is right next door. Not that hard isn't it? Bear in mind though that Mancongkam is only open until 9 o'clock so don't be expecting to eat there during your night out in the city.

Well, whatever it is just go ahead and try it. If you get lost, feel free to ask around. They should know where it is.

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Saya suka AF

I am a kaki bangku so I don't really give a damn about last night's footie match. Heck, most of the time people mention about the game to me, my mind wonders off on why didn't the folks in England implement a symbol of the two towers of the previous Wembley more than I think about the game itself.

That being said, I instead spent last night watching the whole lenght of Konsert Akhir Akademi Fantasia. Gasp! Well, not many guys would readily admit that they watch that particular show and of course those who don't really watch it would probably laugh their rainbow socks off at the thought of a dude watching it. I used to be both.

Akademi Fantasia kicked off during I was in Form 4. Since I was in College, I didn't manage to get a chance to know about that show. On top of that, I was in the phase of transitioning from teenage to early adulthood and in my mind, that kind of show is for wimps so I treated the show and those who watch it in that manner. My family was also non-Akademi Fantasia since there was the alternative Malaysian Idol. Nevertheless, they slowly begin to accept Akademi Fantasia somewhere during the third season.. the Mawi season, though we stand by Felix to the point we named our cat likewise.

When Akademi Fantasia 4 kicks off last year, it was during my semester break and since I was at home, I took part with the whole family in watching the show. Well, it started out just the concert but then later we discovered the Diari and hooked to it as well. Though still being sceptical and somewhat cynical, I found out that Akademi Fantasia brought me closer to the family since instead of nothing, I have a lot of thing to discuss with my mom with and instead of spending the time alone in the room at night, I was downstairs watching telly with the family.

Nevertheless, I had to admit that I was very sceptical about Akademi Fantasia 5 when I first saw it since it seemed that Astro is trying too hard to make the show fresh, it felt awkward. I personally enjoy AF because of the singing. Honestly. I loathe most of the dramas and one thing that got me hooked at AF4 was Adlin Aman Ramli's honest and blatant critics which, I really look forward to hear on every concert. AF5 on the other hand suck at singing, contains too much drama (maybe because of too many people? maybe) and Fauziah Ahmad Daud.. all the right formula for something to go wrong. I found myself on my bed on concert night back again..

As weeks go by, and more and more people got voted out I slowly tried to absorb the show and though the singing was still under par compared to AF4, it was getting quite managable and I decided to give AF5 one more chance. As I watch it more and more, one particular contestant seems to stand out above the rest: Mila. Why? She can sing, that's one thing and the fact that she has that very bubbly personality really caught my attention and for the first time I finaly found someone to cheer for.

Later that night Mila emerged triumphant and was crowned the first female champion of the show, some hour and a half after Didier Drogba scored the winning goal for Chelsea. Mila won some RM300,000 worth of prizes and I really think that the nation won itself a very talented singer that would make the music industry livelier. No new female talent is as good as she is and from week after week of watching the petite lady on telly, I can see that she really want to be the champion more than anyone else and she rightfully deserve the crown.. no matter what the folks on Astro@15 said. Sore losers.. Sheesh.

That's the thing about AF. I know it is quite cheesy to see people cry on stage and all that.. I really am aware. But at the end, those are Malaysian talents on that Malaysian stage performing on a Malaysian network, voted by Malaysian people and would insyaallah bring benefits to the Malaysian entertainment scene. What is the benefit of Chelsea's win on Malaysia? A chance for the deejays to bash eachother the next morning. Well, I guess that too is entertainment..

Sorry to all footie fans out there, I know not all of you are like such. Nevertheless, I still am delivering this message to those who think so. Everyone should have their say. If people can say Akademi Fantasia is cheesy, it would only be right for Akademi Fantasia fans to say the same thing about football.

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I went to Cyberjaya yesterday and it is quite accustommed to me not to go back to Rawang immediately. Instead, I love to linger around the big bad capital for a while to wait until the rush hour is cleared before continuing my trip.

Anyway, from Cyberjaya I drove until UPM toll and from there to KL using the Sg. Besi highway. It was raining quite heavily so the crawl started earlier and I was a part of it. Then after the toll I remember that the SMART tunnel is already operational that day and it is still free so I decided to give it a try. Forgive me for the blurry picture, it's kindof hard to take picture while driving.. not to mention dangerous. Well, I guess that's the kind of work journalists do anyway.

From the SMART tunnel tollbooth it is obvious that they are pushing people to use Touch n' Go cards and SmartTags instead of paying cash since all booths are labeled as so. There are still a few tunais but they are labeled as Touch n' Go and tunai booths. Well, it make sense since if most people opt to pay cash, the crawl to enter the tunnel itself would create yet another jam.

The tunnel is quite okay with 2 lanes and a small emergency lane to the left and adequate lighting all along the stretch. Nevertheless, driving fast seemed quite awkward since the road is concrete as opposed to the smoother but higher mantainance tar. Well, no one should drive fast in tunnels anyway. I really don't want to play a real life enactment of Stallone's Daylight.. ever. Then again, the occasional sight of escape stairs might help to reasure those with faint hearts.

I admit that I'm partially claustrophobic so being too long in there quite creeps me and yeah, scenes from that Daylight movie does make the whole trip more and more nervewrecking. Then again, compared to the jam up above at the Kampung Pandan roundabout, it was so much better down there. Near the end of the tunnel, it diverged into two; one to Jalan Tun Razak and one to Jalan Sultan Ismail. I went for the former and found myself happily emerged out of the tunnel near the juction to Bukit Bintang. Now, that was fast..

I've heard that they are going to charge RM 4.00 for the tunnel sometime next month and for those who travel by that route daily, it is quite a hefty sum to bear. Even Rawang to Jalan Duta costs only RM 3.60. Nevertheless, for those who only happen to stumble upon that route once in a while, go ahead and try it. It's not Disneyland but it's kind of cool to know your way around the city.


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Barbeque Blues

I'm bored. I've been wasting my time on YouTube mostly and I checked and checked my RSS feeds every half-an-hour. If that is not boredom, I don't know what is.

Anyway, Erare called me just now concerning the barbeque party thing and from his concensus most people couldn't make it this weekend. First and foremost, I would like to clarify my initial intention on voicing the idea of having the barbeque in the first place. I never planned it to be a reunion. There's a different between a reunion and a gathering. I was having the impression of a few friends coming over and have a simple meal by the grill for one night and after it's over, everyone go home, end of story. Nevertheless, now I came to understand that most people interpret it as a reunion.

I have no problem with having a reunion, it's great to see all of us back at one place hanging out together. But then again, there is a problem with reunions. For starters, it is going to be big. Erare's house, though bigger than mine's, is still not enough for a 50 people party. Then we need to consider the surrounding of the location. Erare's house is well within residential area and on weekends, most people would appreciate calm and quite which is not going to happen with 50 Budak Koleqs in the equation. There is also the issue on where we are going to park our cars. You don't expect us all to take the LRT do you?

Next we talk about budget. My idea of the barbeque is for the host to sponsor the food while the kids do the grilling and the cleaning. A reunion barbeque on the other hand, would put heavier burden on the host since feeding 50 hungry kids isn't cheap. Well, of course those who came can chip in money but as I recall, anything that is not free is not really popular so it could cause less people to come thus defeating the purpose of a reunion.

I don't know about you guys, but that is quite a thing to consider. Nevertheless, I will definitely go with the majority so that no one would end up hating me and Erare, though by doing so, I might aswell miss the whole barbeque thing. Why? According to my schedule, I'll be off to Penang next weekend for 4 days. The week after that I need to attend Kak Effa's wedding in Kepong and the week after that pulak I will most probably have an appointment with a doctor in Penang. There, now you see why I'm bitching about this. I already missed Old Boys Weekend and now it seemes that I am about to miss the barbeque party I planned.

C'est la vie? Tisk..

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Of PMR and Prejudice

I was discussing with Munggay about the current issue concerning the government's bid to scrap UPSR and PMR examination. I've been reading a lot about this on the dailies, where most people are against this move. It's too drastic, too radical.. Is it?

I don't really agree about scrapping UPSR since it will evaluate students on what they have learnt in primary school, most of which is basic knowledge for a human being to live. PMR on the other hand, deserve to go down the drain. Why?

Well, based on my non-scientifical studies and observation, PMR is merely a mechanism to decide wether a student should go to a science or arts stream. In this case, bright kids go to science while those less fortunate ones are put in arts stream. This simple method has led to the creation of public mindset that art students are frankly, stupid and thus led to people labeling arts stream as a last resort, as a very dangerous sector to venture into compared to the holy and mighty science.

I doesn't stop there though. When these students graduate, the same prejudice haunts them and their families. How many students out there who have a strong ambition in arts stream who had to relinquish their dreams and had to venture into a science stream that they are not interested in? All of that just because people say that engineers and doctors get better paychecks. Hello.. how about lawyers and accountants? Don't these folks makes bazillion too?

Job Opportunities in Mass Communication

I consider myself fortunate to have parents who support my dream and allowed me to do what I wanted to do. Thank you Mak and Abah. I ventured into journalism because I love being a busybody and nosey. Haha.. Not really. Though I admit, being a journalist does not allow you to the luxuries of driving a Ferrari or owning a mansion in Bukit Tunku, it is still a very powerful field.. You'll never know how powerful media can really be. Media can start a war and it can end one. It can glorify a person and destroy his life a few day later..

Scrap PMR, and let a new generation of Malaysians who are not afraid to do arts roam free. Lets create Malaysians youth who are more aware of the social conditions of the world instead of youth who are too busy with their social night life to be aware of what is happening around them. Sometimes Wawasan 2020 saddens me. Though because of it Malaysia is now a great economical force in the region, it somehow forces us to strive too much for physical progress (tallest this, biggest that) and tent to lose touch on more important things such as social, education and public wellfare.

Somehow, the thought of it all reminds me of M. Nasir's song, Anak-Anak Kita..
Anak-anak kitakah yang memikul beban
Kesilapan kita
Hingga dia tak kenal
Budaya canggung bangsa sendiri

Selamatkan anak kita
Dari padang jerangkap samar
Selamatkan anak kita
Orde baru politikus usang

Jaga-jaga anak kita
Jangan sampai jadi hamba
Jaga-jaga anak kita
Kita ini orang merdeka
50 years of Malaysia.. What could be a better birthday present than a change?


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A friend in need

Last weekend I received a message from a friend in Kelantan, Abé:
Salam.. our Azham Aizad is now is Selayang Hospital due to severe accident. Both hands plastered and he is brain-fracture suspected.
Wow.. You don't get that kind of meseage everyday, even more about a friend. I immediately called Abé and he told me he got the info from Ainan. I ringed Ainan to get the ward and bed number: Wad 4B, Bed 14.

I drove to the hospital with Hariri who happens to be around. Rawang and Selayang is very near so I guess it would be very wrong for us not to go. Heck, I would even go if it was in Serdang; he's my friend! I've never had a friend in the hospital due to an accident before and most of the visit to the hospital are mostly about a member of the family or my parent's friends so I was very much unsure how to handle the situation. Neither did Hariri but we head on anyway.

Nevetheless, no safe driving public awareness campaign could prepare us to the time when we say Azham. I was speechless for a moment at the sight of my friend on the bed in that situation. I admit there is this tingling sensation in my eyes but I tried my best not to weep, it would make it worst for him. I was very happy that he is conscious and he told me about how it happened and how lucky he is to secure his helmet tightly just before the accident. Even that, his head suffer minor fracture, both of his arm broken and all the stiches he had to endure..

We stayed by his bed for half and hour until another group of visitors came and we wished adieu to Azham and his family. Thinking back to the days we were in College, I was not really close to him and we indeed have a lot of dispute. Nevertheless, the unity we instilled in our soul back then on the blistering heat of the Grey and the dark uncertaities of the Prep School Common Room managed to conquer all odds. Unity is strength, and strength is what my friend Azham really need.

To all Budak Koleq, do visit our friend Azham Aizad. It could be anyone of us on that bed he's on. A friend in need is a friend indeed, isn't it?

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Money Money

A few days ago I was at the bank to bank in some cast to a friend. As Malaysian effeciency goes, one of the cash deposit machine at Rawang town's Maybank is offline, leaving a long queue of people at the other machine. Being bijak pandai, I drove a few kilometres to the only other Maybank around in Batu 16. Guess what, it's offline too! Murphy..

As I waited for my turn, there were a few kids running around the area, obviously impressed at these machines and started to pushing this and that button, much to their parent's distress. Thinking about it sent me off time travelling a few years back when I was still living in Kelana Jaya. Those days anything is fun, even a trip to the ATM ikut Abah. I remember this one bank in Damansara Utama (I think) where to enter the ATM area one need to swipe his/her card at the door to unlock it. Back then, I see it as something space age straight out of Robocop and just being inside while Abah draw money is really enjoyable. Sometimes, all three of us siblings went inside cramping with him. Tisk.. those were the days.

As I grew older, I started to understand that to most adults, a trip to the bank was nothing fun. Sometimes it can be nervewrecking. I know I feel that was, especially when I check the balance of my account and comparing it to the amount of days left in a particular month. I kept on thinking just how the heck am I going to survive this month. Thank God I'm still single but then again, if being single pon I feel that way, I wouldn't dare imagine how it would be like having three other human beings to feed.. working a 9 to 5 office job, living in the Klang Valley.. It reminds me of the song Carousel by Blink 182, a song constantly on my playlist to remind me of the future I'm heading:

Now as I walk down the street
I need a job just to sleep in sheets
Buying food every once in a while
But not enough to purchase a smile

A tank of gas is a treasure to me
I know now that nothing is free
I talk to you every now and then
I never felt so alone again

Well, I guess it won't be that hard but still, it's definitely tough. I don't need another adult telling me to think about the future, I knew it by heart though sometimes I tend to forget about it for pleasures of the present..

Earlier today I had a conversation with Neet which involve mentioning a few things I intend to buy, most of them for my camera. I love photography and when I purchased my first DSLR, it struck me just how expensive this hobby is.. I even thought for a while to go Lomo. Nevertheless, I did get myself an entry level DSLR and after a few while, the thought of upgrading the peripherals does conjure up my mind. Among other things, a polarizer (RM 200), a close-up filter set (RM 150), a very durable Crumpler camera bag (RM 200) and the creme of the creme, a 50mm prime lens (RM410). Add that up and you get the sum of nearly RM1000.

You must be thinking that I'm bloody rich or something to buy all this. Neet knew better about my spending and all that, so I got lectured by her in the car. Well, not lecture.. more of an advice, though it borders a lecture I admit. She was telling me to basically 'ukur baju badan sendiri' and really think about the things I want to purchase. She was especially against the bag since I already own a bag, albeit being oversized, mundane and stock. Though it wasn't quite what I had in mind, I think she have a point when she said to push the limits with what I already have and use it thoroughly first before planning to upgrade..

Hurm.. money just doesn't grow on trees do they? Thinking back about the future, I'm going to Maybank tomorrow to open a proper saving accounts for myself. A friend told me once to open an account in a bank that's not easy for me to reach in order to keep me from withdrawing th cash from my savings account but that would just hinder me from depositing in the first place. I'll just open an account without an ATM card.. If only there's a switch to turn of this nafsu of mine..
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Barbeque Party

Wow.. Guess what, I dah cuti! Haha.. Well, yesterday I went to Cyberjaya to pass up another two of my essays and puff, the semester is over! It's great to be on holiday after almost 5 months of hard work and what not but the more I think about it, the more I wonder what am I going to do to during my 2 and a half month long break.. Hurm..

I posted a topic on the batch's Friendster Group concerning what activities should we do since most of us now are enjoying their breaks and Ajim came up with a barbeque party. Wow, why haven't I think of that before? I agree with his his opinion and asked wether anyone would like to be the host for a barbeque party. Apart from Erare's hurms, none replied. I was really keen on making this thing happen since I missed the Old Boys Weekend and furthermore, I will be utterly bored without nothing to do so I agreed on hosting it at my home in Rawang.

I've been asking around for dates where most of us can make it, or at least those living in the Valley and I was thinking of having it around next week's weekend. I'm not confirming anything yet but that is like the best time to do it. If earlier, I would be underprepared and if later, most people will lost interest. Nevertheless, I'm still trying to get opinion from most people so at this point, anything can happen.

So there it goes. I really wanna make this happen.


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Blue Karipap

I rarely read comics in real, apetah lagi on the Internet. I stubled upon this website a few weeks ago in KLue magazine since the guy who made the Blue Karipap is also the one who did Malaysian Super Heroes for KLue sometime ago.

It consist mostly of short clips, something like YouTube so you ought to have broadband to enjoy it properly.. but that won't be a problem isn't it? All of us are on broadband these days. Anyway, it is about an orphan who after being too old for orphanage, went to KL to work. Its still new and if I'm not mistaken, they currently have around 3 episodes available for viewing. Not much in numbers but you should try it. It's not like the Malaysian mainstream cartoons we see on TV.

It's great to see that Malaysians are capable of making cartoons that could probably be on par with what the rest of the world had been doing for years. Though I guess it is quite hard for the Blue Karipap to be aired elsewhere other than the new media, it's a start.

Go ahead, click on the photo and give support, it's better than wasting your time on porn. Honestly.

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Murni at SS2

After class on Friday I went to PJ to pickup Syarel from his apartment for dinner with Erare. I wasn't actualy planning to go anywhere so I was quite okay when Erare suggested eating in SS2, at a place called Murni. Murni? Can't you go any more cheapskate than that? The name doesn't conjure up images of a fine meal, not to mention when I get there, the restaurant was very minimalistic with nothing but white tiles on the wall.. Nevertheless, first impression is always wrong isn't it? Murni turned out to be a gastronomic paradise! Forget the decor, look at your plate. Where else do they have a Nasi Goreng Chicken Chop and Nasi Goreng Chicken Maryland? I used thought Nasi Goreng USA was extravagant, this one is bordering ridiculous.

The crowdedness makes me quite aware of the surrounding and I became more pening kepala hearing what other people were ordering. The fella next to me at something called a Hawaii, a murtabak with Pizza Hut's Aloha Chicken-like filling. Then Erare told me that the Cabonara here is the bomb. They have cabonara here? Nevertheless, the showstopper is undeniably my huge glass of Pink Panther, a concoction of strawberry, watermelon, lychee, nata de coco that Geto said reminded him of cencaluk in what used to be an Ovaltine jar. The big one, not the smaller one. If you go back home feeling hungry after a meal here, go see a doctor. Your tummy must be punctured somewhere.

On top of a full tummy, you enjoy really good staffs who aren't shy of suggesting apa best and a cashier who counts as fast as my Casio calculator and insisted on calling me handsome. You don't get there anywhere else folks. Honestly.

Anyway, forgive me if I'm quite behind times with this Murni thing. I know that many people are already aware of it but hey, better late than never right? So to those on the same boat as me, unsure where to have dinner tomorrow night? Give Murni a chance alright? It's easy to miss but it should be somewhere behind SS2's KFC, the one with the leaning bucket on top. And oh, don't go there for lunch. They only open after 8 till late. Enjoy.

Thank you Erare for the intro.


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A College Vocabulary

Mak came back from the Old Boys Weekend with a book for me. It's the Malay College 1905-1965 book published to commemorate the College's Diamond Jubilee. I had always been looking for this particular book and even the College's own library or archive is lacking it. Nevertheless, this book is not mine to keep, merely lended to me by a friend of my dad.

Most of the materials I've read about the College are often from the late 70s and those which originated from this book are often abriged and summarized, leaving most of the details out. It's not to say that the latter versions are inaccurate, but compared to a book published in 1965 and include interviews from some of the boys from the first batch, this book gives you first hand detail of what life was like back then.

While the book is a really good read, one particular part of the book really captured my interest more than the other: A College Vocabulary. As the name suggest, the article features all or most of the Vocab Koleq from back then. What could be cooler? I noticed that through the times, some vocabs managed to survive while most of them die away with the times. It's a sad thing to lose all this since it gives us a perspective of what life was back then and how the boys communicate. Furthermore, it is very uncommon to stumble upon this sort of material in print since we Budak Koleq don't usually write this down for some reason..

True to the College's proud tradition, the vocabs were introduced by these strong words:
Below is given a brief list of some words in use amongst collegians which enjoy a meaning peculiar to the College.

If, as a collegian, you come across a term you have never heard of before, it is either because of it is archaic (arch.) or just invented, or confined to a certain group - or because you have been unneccessarily pure.

If, as an outsider, you recognise some of these words as general slang in common use, you may rest assured that they were first invented by collegians.
Interesting isn't it? Since I noticed some of the words in it are currently being used as a general slang among Malaysians. Does it means that it was invented by Collegians? Decide for your self. I didn't have my scanner along and typing would be hard so I snapped some high quality, readable pictures of it. Just click on the picture below to view them all.

We are proud to be Collegians, how can we ever make you see?


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Bricks in the wall

I'm writing this from my messy bedroom in Rawang.. God I hate mess! Haha, I know that some of you guys might find that statement funny but well, we live and we learn or so they say. I just figured that I really really am not productive in a busy environment thus I spent sometime cleaning up this room since I will be around until July: it's almost semster break!

Anyway, I still have some works left that I need to pass up. It's quite silly actually to drive all the way from Rawang to Cyberjaya just to pass up work isn't it? Well, I noticed too but for the time being I think I rather stay here than spend boring days at Cyberjaya, alone. At least I have someone here who I can talk too. It's not that I don't have friends over there; I do. It's just that I can't seem to see a common ground between me and some of them while the one I love to chill with are either busy or away. That plus my workload almost snapped my sanity. Honestly, Im not bluffing. There were a few night where I felt too lonely that I talked too myself. Vocally, not dalam hati. You know how sick is that? I do, I can't help but cry that night.

That wasn't just the problem I'm facing though, there are still political issue that are left unsolved. Though some people might dismiss it as being a thing young people do, it is well against my priciples and though I try to buat bodoh, the more bodoh I became. What is it about? Ala, korang orang muda mesti tau kan? Heck, they even have advertisements and campaigns against this stuff, not to mention they'll hang you too if you somehow have a few at home. Yup, that's stuff.

I can't stand some people. How hard is it to have fun while being clean? I know I can. Lepak one day with my mates and there you have it, I'm happy! Pure, clean fun over some silly things we did when we were budak sekolah. It's not that hard and the cops won't come chasing your balls because of it. What is it I hear you say? Tak ganas macam tu? Why the fuck do you wanna be ganas for? Boleh jadi kaya? If yes, count me in but as far as I know, you lose more money that way and not to mention that people would have prejudice after prejudice just by the look of your face and you'll then notice that you'l be getting less and less MySpace comment. Come on, grow up bro.

I'm sorry if there's any kind of people I mention above are reading this, but that is what I really think about what you people are doing. You say that you ahve this problem and that problem. Man, you are already 23 for god sake! Ask my friends what I went through when I was 13. What heppened to your life when you were 13? Still I didn't take any thing to calm me down. I did not even smoke.. even once. Most people don't believe that, Cikgu Malek even want to take me to the hospital for a blood test when I was in Form 3. I found my refuge in reading, writing, drawing and music. It was way better than any drugs and instead of becoming more bengap, I can now blog and this is my 129th posting. I started this blog this year. Yes, I am saying that I am better than you people but I am not saying that you could not be better than me. You can.. of course. Just lose that stuff okay? Find a better way of expressing yourself. It's more worth it, trust me on this one okay?

What's worse than losing my friends is knowing that they are not fighting to keep me..

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