31 Ogos


Here's a simple hope I have for this small country of mine on this Merdeka anniversary: let us all befriend all. That's a good first step.

Tak kenal maka tak cinta kan?
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On a bark of tree in Kegon Falls

Delicate line between heaven and earth..
The calm of the ages,
all the world's worth.
Such minuscule measure,
while we think it so grand..
Just five specks of smallness,
This soft quiet land.
So frail and so fleeting,
in the end you will see
Simple dreams were Horatio's philosophy.

For all the truth,
all creation,
all secrets of yore
Can be told in an instant,
by then they're no more.

Ah, The Unexplainable
All worries unsettled,
heartache unresolved..
All questions unanswered,
with death, shall be solved.

We already teeter,
this sheer cliff so high.
When we fall to corruption,
insecurities die.

To end is to start;
to surrender is to know.

Despair and depression,
together they grow.
Hope shall meet hopeless
when there's nowhere to go.
Misao Fujimura, 1903.
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Cukuplah Allah sebagai tuhanku.
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Geylang Rd.

Geylang Rd.

Geylang Rd.

Geylang Rd.

We were lost for 3 hours trying to find Orchard Road. When we were looking for Geylang, it only took us 10 minutes.

21 August 2010.
Geylang Rd.
Nikon D40 kit + Adobe Lightroom + Anjing kurap menyalak di tengah Geylang, hidup bertuah siapa yang tak kenal erti hutang.
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June 2010.
Jalan Hang Jebat.
Zenit-E + Helios-44-2 58/2 + Lucky SHD 100 + 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
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Love & Sex

The whole world need to stop worrying about young women not getting married. There are more things to worry about to be honest. There are probably more intelligent women in Malaysia then there are men, let them contribute to the economy. The last time I check, there was no shortage of babies in Malaysia.

A lot of people believe, and throw the phrase 'jodoh pertemuan di tangan Tuhan' ad nauseum, but when they found out that a someone is getting married to a married man, becoming a second wife, they'll all go, 'laa.. dah takde lelaki lain dah ke nak kahwin?'. That phrase is, of course also usable when someone is getting married to a person outside of their race. So I guess it's not 'jodoh pertemuan di tangan Tuhan' unless you say so?

How sure are you that it wasn't their jodoh to be that man's second wife? Or the wife of a duda anak tiga?


A few months back I worked at this place, making videos about baby dumping, the one that's airing on Astro Oasis now. I for one don't quite agree with throwing the capital punishment just yet onto those who committed that offense, and I know quite well that it is really a foul and despicable act for a human being, mothers and fathers to do to their offspring. Why? Because the road leading to the dumpsters, backalleys and lubang jambans where these babies are left to die is paved with ignorance.

We said no to sexual education in school while modern age moms and dads are too busy making money. We convinced ourselves that the Internet is the problem so we blocked all the porn sites yet still people are getting jiggy with it.

Oh no. What else could we blame?

Blame yourselves.

Here's a thing to ponder: Have you ever wondered how animals know how to reproduce? It's in their nature, right? Of course! So then, is sex not in our nature too?

Cis! Kita manusia la Hadi! Tuhan bagi kita akal. Kita bukan setaraf dengan binatang! Celaka kau!

Yeah, sure. So then why are we leaving sex as something for our kids to discover for themselves, like how animals do, when we have the wisdom to teach them what is right and wrong knowing that our kids too have the wisdom to understand what is right and wrong?

So, in quite a harsh tone, is it safe to say that the persons who are against teaching sex to kids too are acting like animals?

Sexual education isn't about screening Backdoor Sluts 9 to boys and girls, and telling them to get into pairs, strip each other naked and spend the next hour fucking their brains out. Most sexual education programs I've read from the supposedly decadent West actually splits the children according to their gender à la us Muslims so that each gender, the fairer and the smellier might learn more in depth about what they have down there without all the eews.

That doesn't sound so bad eh? Well of course, not everything that has the word sex in it is bad. I go to a unisex salon, write male as my sex in government forms and measure the angle between any two visible objects using a sextant.

But then again, yeah.. they are the West. Immoral lot aren't they, with their individualism and egalitarian lifestyle? How dare I compare us, with our Eastern values to them? They drink, call their fathers by their first names, have casual sex and actually having the guts to block Israeli ships from docking at their harbour? We have our Dasar Pandang Ke Timur!

Dasar Pandang Ke Timur. Heh. Have you people seen how bizarre the porn is in Japan?


Oh yeah, to all future mother-in-laws, you can ask us to pay thousands of dollars for your daughter's hand, but don't for one moment think that that amount of money is her true value. If you have to ask a few hundred more just so your daughter gets more than your neighbor's daughter, then I'll ask you to take a long, deep look into your daughter's eyes and tell her that she's just an object for your ego.

This commercialization of love is sickening.
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Dia berwajah masam dan berpaling
Kerana seorang buta telah datang kepadanya
Dan tahukan engkau barangkali dia ingin menyucikan dirinya
Atau dia ingin mendapatkan pengajaran, yang memberi manfaat kepadanya?
Adapun orang yang merasakan dirinya serba cukup
Maka engkau memberi perhatian kepadanya
Padahal tidak ada cela atasmu kalau dia tidak menyucikan diri
Dan adapaun orang yang datang kepadamu dengan bersegera
Sedang dia takut
Engkau telah mengabaikannya
Sekali-kali jangan! Sesungguhnya itu satu peringatan
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June 2010.
Jalan Pudu.
Zorki-4 + Industar-50 50/2 + Lucky SHD 100 + You can do it.
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I tuned into the AM frequency on night and out of the billion songs on God's fertile earth, 'Kalau Bulan Bisa Ngomong' was playing.

Thank you DJ.

I was driving home from somewhere and I came to a point that I got annoyed with all the radio stations. Weird actually, usually I'm only annoyed with the various morning shows and their wide variety of prank calls antics. Our collective creativity is surely somewhere down the drain that we think we need to do prank calls just because every other station have it. Oh, okay. Kudos then to XFM for their quasi-English classes in the morning. Quasi because if they really do it well, they themselves could better their English and stop pronouncing Pop Shuvit as Pop Shovit.

Oh oh, maybe the ought to have an Islamic segment too, you know, so they can learn how to say 'Astaghfirullahalazim' properly.

This was well after midnight and BFM usually devote their entire airtime to play slow Malay numbers; jazzs, ballads and the likes. Most nights it's quite nice actually, soothing although I think I'm sure that they only do that to get by the law since their day time playlist is mostly foreign songs. Still, good foreign songs I might add, from the 1990s where music was still sensible and deep unlike the songs we get these days which are mostly sex, sex and booty shaking.

If that sorta music is your cup of Darjeeling on a lazy Monday morning, then I feel bad for you.

Oh, and Lady Gaga is just what? In a few years, we will all look back at 2010 and wonder why the fuck did we gave that women so much attention.

Remember Amy Winehouse? Me neither.

Well, then again, to each their own right? Who am I to say you what's good for you? Not everyone listen to music for reasons almost spiritual. Some people just want to shake their heads. Or body. Or booty. Haha.

Remember Kurt Cobain?
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Tok Wan passed away today 12 years ago, here in Pokok Sena, Penang.


Selamat berpuasa.
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Marching Hammers

So ya thought ya might like to go to the show.
To feel the warm thrill of confusion, that space cadet glow.
I got me some bad news for you, Sunshine.
Pink isn't well, he stayed back at the hotel,
And he sent us along as a surrugate band.
We're gonna find out where you fans really stand.
Are there any queers in the theatre tonight?
Get 'em up against the wall. -- 'Gainst the wall!
And that one in the spotlight, he don't look right.
Get him up against the wall. -- 'Gainst the wall!
And that one looks Jewish, and that one's a coon.
Who let all this riffraff into the room?
There's one smoking a joint, and another with spots!
If I had my way I'd have all of ya shot.

Pink Floyd The Wall, 1982.
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Birkin & Gainsbourg
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