Zenit-E Roll 3






January 2009
1, 2, 3 & 4 - Tepi jalan belakang rumah
5 - Padi Cyberjaya
Zenit-E + Fuji Superia Max 400
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Sofia and her father

Arif, Dresser and Zenit

Arif and Zenit

Arif and broken specs

Ma, her grandson Azim, Azim's sister Sofia with their father, Ayah Ri, Arif, Arif, Arif and Arif.
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I feel so..

a lyric, a time, a crusade, a line
one minute, a friend, a road without end

by Zwan
from Mary Star of the Sea (2003)


I wish I was brave
I wish I was stronger
I wish I could feel no pain
I wish I was young
I wish I was shy
I wish I was honest
I wish I was you not I

I Feel So
by Boxcar Racer
from Boxcar Racer (2002)


Sometimes I feel like I was emo before it was cool to be emo.

And before it meant dressing up like a marching band from hell.
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20090126-DSC 4318

20090126-DSC 4309

20090126-DSC 4305

20090126-DSC 4322

20090126-DSC 4289

20090126-DSC 4312

20090126-DSC 4325

26 Januari 2009
Bilek Che'. Kg. Padang Bemban
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Windows 7

I'm posting this from Neet's laptop, running a fresh install of Microsoft Windows 7.

Yeap, Windows.

Being a happy Apple Mac user since 2006 sometimes made me forget about the 10-odd years prior to that when I loyally use Microsoft's finest.

I don't recall myself as being an early adopter to technological things. I was still using Windows 95 well into the time when most others are using Windows 98. The same goes for XP. I've never owned a Vista PC since by then I was already beamed up the Mac mothership but I've tried using it for quite a while on Neet's laptop, even choosing it over my Mac for my Moscow trip.

Vista was, unfortunately something that I couldn't live with and reading the news on the worldwide blogosphere and the web, many share my gripe. That's why I was excited when I found out about Windows 7.

7 is basically Vista 2.0, or maybe Vista done right. It's faster than Vista on the same hardware, more intuitive, more functional and less getting in the way of you doing your work. Plus, it doesn't think that the user is stupid and it doesn't act stupid itself. Pretty amazing stuffs indeed.

Still, this doesn't mean that I'm selling my PowerBook off and getting a ThinkPad anytime soon (though I kind of find ThinkPad to be quite sexay). It means that I'm happy that people are getting a good software for their money and it means that I can see Microsoft Windows as a good alternative. I've tried Linux and I have yet to be satisfied.

Sticking to just one thing is kinda like driving. You know how to drive auto but cringe at the thought of driving a manual and go clueless when you are presented with a sequential or tiptronic drive car.

So yeah.. I don't know what I'm talking about here. Why don't you go try Windows 7 for yourself savvy? Here's the appropriate links:

Windows 7 Download Page

Lifehacker Windows 7 Install Guide

Enjoy. The beta expires in August.
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Hang in there Che'.
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20090121-DSC 4164

20090121-DSC 4163

20090121-DSC 4158

Istana Kehakiman & Perbadanan Putrajaya,
Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya
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The Joy

20081201-DSC 2413

20081201-DSC 2434

Balik rumah selalu-selalu. Ini bukan restoren.

Kakak Hanan, sila cubit.

And bagi mandi.
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20090118-DSC 4088

20090118-DSC 4092

20090118-DSC 4097

20090118-DSC 4094

20 Januari 2009


I'm not really fond of too much editing, though it can sometimes be fun. It depends on what your aim actually. If you shoot commercial, usually there's a lot of post production, if you shoot event, usually you'll strive for accuracy.

I took these in Titiwangsa, near a Muslim cemetery site on one of its streets.
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Monty Python

"The Funniest Joke in the World"

"Dead Parrot"


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18 Januari 2009
KLPac, Sentul West
KLPac Open Day 2009
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Bukit Bintang, Pudu

14 Januari 2009
Sekitar Jalan Pudu & Jalan Bukit Bintang
Zenit-E + Helios 44-2 58mm f2 + Fuji NPC 160
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Happy Birthday Tok Wan

Missing you very much


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Photos from the E

10 Januari 2008
Sekitar Jalan Raja
Zenit-E, Fuji Superia 200


The lightmeter works. The lens is sharp in closeups while some wide shots are a bit soft. Maybe it's the film. Maybe it's the printer. I'll reprint elsewhere and see what goes.

Quite satisfied with the result.
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20090109-DSC 3919

C13-2-2, two floor down from C13-4-3.
Equine Park, Sri Kembangan.

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Got my Zenit E yesterday morning after quite a few weeks of waiting. Bought it from eBay for about RM70. Shipping costs me another RM70. The guy said he was shipping it from Russia but the parcel was actually from Crimea, Ukraine.

Crimea have always been a subject of my curiosity. It sounds like Crime. Maybe that's where the mobs are.

Anyway, tested the thing last night. Everything seems to be working clickity-clang. Haven't taken any photos with it yet, maybe later today.

This thing is huge, and heavy. I found a website reviewing these Zenits and I really love to quote what he said:

It is the big metal box that just won’t quit. You can use it to derail trains and takes shots of it afterwards.

Bad ass. Bent as the Soviet sickle and as hard as the hammer that crosses it.

So yeah. But why this 30 year old camera from a brand unheard of? Antiques notwithstanding, why not an old Nikon or Canon? A Zeiss Ikon? A Leica?

Well, I'm cheap.

But I love films and no old camera managed to struck my interest apart from this Zenit. It's like you know, young people buying old Camaro and Mustang rather than the brand new Kia? Yeah, kindof like that.

No, that's a bad analogy. Zenit ain't no Camaro. It's more of a Lada. Ah well..

See la later I take photos with this thing. Rajin-rajin I upload.

Oh, by the way Amir Arif Azmi. I took the photos up there with your brand new Canon. Boo hoo.. I get to snap it first.


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