Reality check

Red and Yellow Bulge

That Damned Beetle

Clotheslines Puan Maznah


Mineral water keeps me going

Traffic Cone

Self Portrait

Late April 2009
Rawang, Soho/Solaris, Equine Park
Zenit-E + Helios 44-2 58/2 + Agfa CT Precisa 100 + a sense of regret and the longing to do better.


I usually shoot Fujifilm ever since I discovered my love for films. All those years before that I always picks up Kodak since everyone else is using it. Apart from that, not many other brands have had the chance to see the inside of my camera.

The last time I shot anything Agfa as far as I can remember was when Arif bought his Lomo LC-A. Oh yeah, there was that Carrefour film but I don't think that counts. For whatever reason..

Anyway, the roll up there was processed using the wrong chemicals. On purpose. It's something people call cross processing. There are 2 types of films, one is the normal one people use where the negatives are in negatives. Those are for print. Another one is called slide film. This film produce positive colours on the film strip which are then cut to be used on slide projectors. You mean like the ones Doktor Gigi sekolah guna tu? Yeah, that one.

So those 2 film types are processed differently. Throwing one type of film into a vat of the other's chemical can produce interesting results. It is sorta like goreng ayam using rempah ikan. Weird I know, but some people like it.

Films are unique individuals like you and me. Some films shift colour tremendously when you cross process them, such as them Fujifilms. Others such as Kodak and Agfa seems to retain the original colour although the contrast gets higher. Still, it depends on all sort of things. Your setting, the glass on your lens, the weather, the colour temperature. Unique individuals right?

Anyway, I think I would probably like to stick with my Fujifilms for the time being. The result is more close to heart i think. To each their own right?
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This is Malay music

Kita adalah insan
Menumpang di atas dunia
Aku dengan caraku
Yang sederhana
by Yantzen


Jika mimpi cinta kita
Bisa kuzahirkan
Jadi lukisan yang menarik
Pasti aku sentosakan
Malam pesta bila engkau
Lafazkan janji dan memelukku
Sepanjang tarian
Hingga pipi aku terasa
Basah dalam tangisan
Yang penuh kesyukuran

Layar Impian
by Ella

My first ever MP3 download was Ella's Layar Impian. Anda pula bagaimana?
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Rubber Shoes in Motion

20090424-DSC 8131

20090424-DSC 0383

20090424-DSC 0378

20090424-DSC 0387

20090424-DSC 0321

20090424-DSC 0318

20090424-DSC 0389


20090424-DSC 0372

20090424-DSC 8237

20090424-DSC 8232

20090424-DSC 8247

20090424-DSC 8231

24 April 2009
Bukit Jalil
Nikon D40 + Nikon D80 + Adobe Lightroom + Dirt on my torn jeans.
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Lips for biting

What makes the one to shake you down?
Each touch belongs to each new sound
Say now you want to shake me too
Move down to me, slip into you

Dance Inside
by The All-American Rejects
in Move Along (2005)
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Camera Obscura

As I was going up the stair
I saw a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
Oh, how I wish he’d go away...

When I came home last night at three
The man was waiting there for me
But when I looked around the hall
I couldn’t see him there at all!
Go away, go away, don’t you come back any more!
Go away, go away, and please don’t slam the door... (slam!)

Last night I saw upon the stair
A little man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
Oh, how I wish he’d go away

by Hughes Mearns (1922)
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The Longest Way

I would love to do something like this.

I has been four years. I think I've gotten too comfortable with my life right now. Too comfortable and too bored.

Perhaps it is about time I go somewhere and learn something new..
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My meth

Loud Pipes
by Ratatat
from Classics (2006)
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Pressed between pages, flowers will die. Our time here ends as time passes by.

Yang lepas biarkan ia berlalu, jadikan pengalaman sebagai benteng masa depan.

Try pikir positif la kalau ada orang sound kau.

Deep inside we are all somebody.

It's unexplainable. Honestly.

Dengan ada orang macam kau buat kurang sikit rasa regret aku.

Aku pikir hang ni manusia ka apa?

Procrastination, not willing to give your best if its not in your fascination.

Aku pikir-pikir, gila apa budak ni buat something yang boleh dikira gila.

Sometimes it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

Memang best gila dengar kau punya pendapat yang gila-gila.

Hidup ni banyak masalah, rilek je. Bukan mati pun.

Aku tengok juga kau seorang yang independent, teguh dengan stand kau, berkawan tapi tak pernah terpengaruh dengan kawan macam orang lain.

Cuma masalahnya perangai kau, mindset kau. Kadang-kadang satu benda tu bukan kau tak boleh buat, just kau bagitau diri kau yang kau tak boleh buat. It's just that simple.

I don't know what is you damn fault but my brother kept on dumping you with tonnes of nasty words..

Aku sorang je disisihkan.. Bengang sial.

Seorang Hadi ialah manusia sensasi.

When the spirit is alive, miracle happens.

Kita kembali stau kepala buat kerja memalam buta sampai dicop budak perzen grand.

Memang best kenal kau. Tak rugi sial.

Kadang-kadang kau ni talam dua muka.

I'm not afraid of being touch, I'm afraid of being let go.

From that book we pass around.
Circa 2005
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"How was your day?"

"I'm not so sure, there's still a couple of hours left to decide.."

"What do you think would happen?"

"A lot.. Many many wonderful things"

"You are such an optimist"

"I consider myself desperate.. Heh"

"No you're not"

"What makes you so sure?"

"Because I will make all your dreams come true"

Slowly their lips met and they held each other in a tight embrace.

As the full moon reflected it silver rays on the surface of the river, they both flew into space.

As they looked down upon the earth getting smaller, they know for sure that they are complete.

"Where do you go when you're lonely?"

"Where ever you go to when you're lonely"
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Life in 3200 Kelvin

Cross Flare

IKEA Dreams





Halo, Halo, Halo

In Ampang

These scans don't do the justice. The prints are way awesomer.

Minggu 4 bulan 3.
Wilayah Putrajaya, Equine Park, Jalan Memanda Ampang
Zenit-E + Helios 44/2 58mm f2 + Fuji T64 Tungsten
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Down South

You live on an island and one day all the swordfish ran amok and started a suicidal blitz onto your shores.

What would you do?

If you were the Sultan, why don't you ask your loyal servant with their tulang kering at a ready, to form a barricade. Brilliant isn't it?

If you were a young boy, whom all now regards as a genius and a martyr for his cause, why don't you gather all of your islander to chop down all your banana trees and form a banana wall instead. More brilliant, true?

I have a couple of issues with this story.

One, how many fishes are there in the sea attacking this godforsaken island? Thouands, millions? Surely a finite number right? So why don't everyone just walk inland a few kilometers away from the beach and chill there for a while?

Secondly, how many banana trees were there on the island. Say the fishes attack from all corners of the island, are there enough banana trees to cover the whole perimeter? And since this banana wall needs to be constructed, surely the builders need to brave through the hail of swordfishes to put it up. How is that different from berdindingkan tulang kering in the first place?

Many people cursed the sultan for killing this intelligent young boy because he couldn't stand having someone smarter than him living on the same island. Well, maybe the sultan did a right thing killing off that lunatic. Not only he depleted the island's banana trees, but he also killed off a few hundred of the civilians along with it.

Since banana is an important source of potassium, in the long run the islanders will be faced with potassium deficiency which among other things, will result in fatigue, muscular problems, memory loss and anxiety thus leading to a very dangerous pandemic that could cause an increase in the mortality rate in the island.

With the collapse of human resources, the island will then be faced with an economical and social problem mainly due to weakening demand and a workforce that is too sick to work. Birth rate would likely fell into a historic low and the children born would face a high child mortality rate thus causing more and more problems to the island.

All because a young boy and his wild imagination.

And a group of old guys with severe leadership deficit.

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A story around every corner

Mankind is No Island
by Jason van Genderen
Shot entirely on cellphones in the great cities of New York and Sydney
Winner of Tropfest NY 2008
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America's total debt is at about $8.7 trillion and is going up and up as we speak. So yeah, it's America, the great Satan state, why should we care right? Well, we live and we learn. Not only from our mistakes, but also from others.

I've never been more interested in economics until I watched this movie. It covers the 4 areas where deficit is happening in America; budget, savings, trade and leadership and how it all drags that great nation down into the ocean plus steps that people need to do to remedy it.

Looking at the problems cited in the movie, it is about the same as what is going on in this country to us the Malaysian people. Spending money we have yet to earn, not saving, outsourcing our industry. Man, the same thing could happen here!

It would be utterly selfish for me not to share it with you guys. So yeah, spend a good 1 hour and a half and watch the movie up there while it's still there. There's no such thing as free lunch guys. Seriously.

PS: By the way, ever wondered how much money 1 trillion Dollar is? Click here.

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Jai Guru Deva Om

Words are flying out like
endless rain into a paper cup
They slither while they pass
They slip away across the universe
Pools of sorrow waves of joy
are drifting thorough my open mind
Possessing and caressing me

Jai guru deva om
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world


Across the Universe
performed by Fiona Apple
written by John Lennon
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