Okay, I know the picture's quite blurry but what the heck. I'm ecstatic! See there, under Zakri Kamal: Amir Hadi Azmi. If I was a bit faster you would have seen the text above both our names: Penyunting "Making Of..". I really can't describe the feeling I'm feeling right now..

Though I've seen the TV ad for Cuci that I cut playing on TV3 a few times before, this one is different. This one got my name. Man, I am so happy!

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Kami Bertiga

dalam kamar ini kami bertiga:
aku, pisau dan kata --
kalian tahu, pisau barulah pisau kalau ada darah di matanya
tak peduli darahku atau darah kata
Sapardi Djoki Damono

Terima kasih buat Kemudian
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At Juara Lagu thing

After Butet's wedding I rushed back to KL to pick Neet up to go to Bukit Jalil for the Anugerah Juara Lagu. She got a free ticket so I guess what the hell eventhough I don't normally watch the show on TV pun sebenarnya. I take a look at the tickets and it says there 'Platinum'. I was like, Wow.. Platinum... This sure is going to be nice.

So then we both walked to Stadium Putra. The last time I've been here was a few years back while on the way to Astro. Before that, it was 1998 Commonwealth Games. The place looked sad.. Anyway, when we got to the venue there was already a helluva crowd waiting outside and even more people lining up at the 'Purple Carpet', to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrity. Neet and I? Not our thing la.. We went straight to the Platinum line which happened to be next to the Purple Carpet and the VIP entrance. I kindof have a feeling that it'll be great, especially looking at other people with non-Platinum tickets entering from the sides. My hubris went up a few notches.. up until I actually got into the stadium. Here is the view from my seat.

Haha.. Cantik la sangat. This is the first time I've been inside the stadium. The seats to the right, closer a bit to the stage is reserved for MyTV3 people. To my left, the central seating are for VIPs and those on the floor are either very well known or filthy rich.

Talking about seats, I kindof have the feeling that the people who built this stadium sacrificed a lot on comfort and ergonomics just to cramp in as many seats as they could and claim the stadium as probably something like the World's highest capacity indoor arena or so. Typical Malaysian. I mean, for Neet I guess it was okay since she's very much petite but to a big guy like me and probably hundred others, I was a nightmare for our pelvic and back. Seriously. I know it's a stadium not a cinema or theater but at least have mercy on the audience.

Next thing I wanna bitch about is the fact that the whole show was very much TV-centric. I know that is where the real money and more people are but at least give la the people at the stadium a bit more acknowledgement. Do talk to us during the commercial breaks or something instead of sending 2 unknown people on stage to talk crap. On top of that, I believe people at home get to see the performance better than I did. Why? See the big screen in the picture above? I though it was supposed to show a close up on the singers and all that when they are performing for our benefit but to my dismay, they wasted the huge screen real estate just to display iTunes-esque graphics and pseudo-visualization of the music. Crap. Yes I know we get to see the show in person and 10 second earlier than those people at home but if Siti Nurhaliza looks like a kerengga, I think it would be so much better to watch it at home.

Overall, it was nice. The atmosphere, it's a good experience la and I thank Neet so very much for getting those tickets. I just felt like the audience in the hall are mere tukang sorak for the management. Then again, that is what I think lah. Were you there? What do you think about it?
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Butet's Wedding

Yesterday was fun! Congratulations to Mr. Khairun Mispan on your wedding. Thanks to all my friend, the Class of 2005 who was there. It was great getting to meet you guys back after quite a while. Here are the photos from the kenduri.

To those who wasn't there, chill. There's always Ajim's wedding. Hehehe..

For a superdy duperdy larger version of the photos, click here.
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Maaf. Saya tak bermaksud untuk bermalas-malas.

Yesterday I went to watch Cloverfield with Neet. As I've written before, I was very eagerly waiting for the movie to premiere but I had to wait like, a week before actually getting to watch the movie. Why? I've made a promise with Neet to watch it with her and we could only find the time when both of us are free a week after the premiere. Sweetkan saya?

Anyway, the movie was everything I expect it to be and more.. though some people might detest. The whole concept is different from other movies I've watched before. If previously I though The Bourne Ultimatum camera style made me feel like I was actually being there with Matt Damon, Cloverfield made me take back the statement.

For those who have yet seen the movie, the whole movie was supposedly a series of footage found after the incident which was shot by a group of friends. So basically throughout the whole 90 minutes we are watching the playback of that tape which according to the movie is classified as a United States secret. The whole experience is very close to heart for me since I spent most of my days rewinding and playing back DV tapes after DV tapes. The camera movement is also what you would generally expect from watching home videos; jerky, swaying and all that. It's kind of nauseating but come to think about it, we are the YouTube generation. Most of the stuff we enjoy these days are of similar manner. The difference is perhaps the screen size.

Though the movie is not the first to deploy such method (The Blair With Project was the first back in 1999), Cloverfield felt very fresh. It really mirrors the current outlook people have on life for example in the movie you can see countless other people also recording the event as it unfolds via their camcorders and handphones. Makes us feel very much at home.

Go ahead and watch it. It's worth it.
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On praying

A year older a year wiser says the white man when I asked him about age. Then I turned to the pendita on top of the hill and he told me, orang tua banyak makan garam.. which then reminds me of the time my Biology teacher telling the class that salt in excess is bad for the body. Is that why people die when they get old? Too much salt?

Is it true what the white man said? I beg to differ. Just look around you, read the news and you will see that some of the most horrible things happening in the world is not by the hand of young people but older ones. Is Bush still a teenager?

I remember going for Friday prayers and after the solat, the Pak Imam would always pray for the youth to insaf and bertaubat, echoing the Pak Khatib's (most of the time it's the same person) previous lament about the youth and social ills, the youth and their raging sexual urges as well as the youth and crime. Nonetheless, never did once I remember praying for adults, be it young adults or elder adults. Never. Why? Why is there always an age bias in religion? Do adults drink? Yes. Do they go clubbing? Yes. Do they take drugs? Yes. Do they zina? Yes, even when they already have a halal way to go. Do they gamble? Yes. Do they do crime? Yes. If you really think about it, adults are capable of more sinister things than young people could ever do.

I'm not saying all adults are bad. Then again, not all young people are bad too. Why the bias? Next time we pray, lets pray for humanity as a whole. None of us is more innocent than the other.
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I have a dream. I am very much a dreamer. I know not many people believe or agree with me when I tell them my dream but truth be told, my dreams are built on top of reality. I don't just say I want to do something just for the sake of saying. Most of the time I spent hours alone thinking whether those things I envision doing are achievable, is it logical, is it worth it. I rarely tell people of my dreams unless I've told myself about it through and through. I'm not stupid and neither are you.

I just need some motivation, someone to believe in me. I need a hand to hold to when fears surround me. I want you to whisper in my ears that everything is going to be alright. I believe in you. I believe every single word you say.

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I'm bored

It was a rather boring, workless day here at the office when suddenly I looked out the front door and saw that it was banjir outside. Oh the humanity! A banjir? Here in Ampang? Home of the wealthy and the expatriate enclave of Kuala Lumpur (though geography taught me that Ampang is a part of Selangor)? Arghhhh! Tidak!

Well, really I was kindof worried I couldn't go back home. I can't swim and I don't expect the Satria to swim as well. Anyway, the rain have subdued and the water level dropped so everything should be back to normal. Then I saw the street sign close to where this photo was taken and it reads: Jalan Kolam Ayer Lama..

Oh.. Okay. 
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So okay, I haven't written anything much these days other than posting a one liner or some interesting things I stumbled upon on YouTube. Sorry.

Here's what I've been up to. I've just finished editing both the 30 second and 15 second TV ad for Hans Isaac's upcoming movie, Cuci as well as the 22 minutes long Making Of Cuci. You guys should be able to watch it on TV around next week on TV3, NTV7 and perhaps Astro Kirana. The ads are still virgins while the Making Of was previously aired on TV but since Hans wasn't really pleased with the previous editor's work, I got to alter it. I never really like working with an empty sheet, I rather get something that is done, or half way through and make it better. Well, who am I to choose?

Work is very hectic. Now I know why Abah would rather spend the whole weekend on the sofa rather than going out jalan-jalan. Yet, I still went out yesterday.. I have other commitments apart from my work and I don't want my first job to effect my relationship with my peers and of course, Neet. Overall, I guess I kindof got things balanced out quite well. I brought my friends along to The Harith Iskander Show last month while I was working there, then I also brought Neet to the office once to meet Hans. I also got a few friends visiting during my lunch break. It was nice.

Tomorrow I'll be spending most of the day at 1 Utama. We'll be having our Press Preview for Cuci there and I get to handle the AV.. well, sorta. Haha.. This month is really going to be hectic since the movie is going to premier on the 24th. It's a nice movie, quite different from the typical Malay movies and it's a comedy with a moral la, not like those Penang comedies that I loathe so very much.

So yeah, I'll keep you posted when I find something super cool to tell you aite? Have a nice day!
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We are all rockstars

This video effortlessly brighten up my morning in this otherwise cold and gloomy room. Enjoy!
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I like this song

I ran to the window; threw my head to the sky
And said whoever is up there,please don't let me die
But I can't live forever,I can't always breath
One day I'll be sand on a beach by a sea
Calender Girl by Stars
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4th January


On this day back in 2001 some 120 young, bright minded yet scared little children's life was changed forever. For 5 years they lived together, toiled under the hot sun, stood on scorching concrete, shivered in the coldest of rains and took every bullets. Amidst all that, they are still standing.

Though no longer under one roof or play on one field, somehow they all still feel that deep inside they are still together. Memories of yesteryears are more than illusions. For me, it is a refuge. When the world turn its back on me, I close my eyes and I find myself on that stone bench I love so much surrounded by those who matter most. For a while, it was good.

Guys, thank you for giving a chance to live those wonderful years with you. Thank you for guiding me to what I am today. You are more than friends to me.

Happy Birthday to the Class of 2005. 
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