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One day, on a bus somewhere in Bangkok. A boy was sitting idly with his friends, bored of the Bangkok jam. Further a few rows in front of him was a few more friends of his with Rizal. He was telling them a story perhaps.

Suddenly, he saw something that capture his attention. Rizal pulled out a few cards from his wallet and among them was a MusicCanteen card. A what? Well, there used to be a website calleb MusicCanteen where you could purchase songs by local Malaysian artist. A song costs RM3 a pop and the purchase methods are either by credit card, by phone or by the MusicCanteen card. He had been looking all around for the cards and at last he found someone who might know where to get them.

He stood up and walked to Rizal. He asked:

H: Abang Rizal, tu MusicCanteen punya card eh?
R: Yup
H: Kat mana nak beli eh?
H: Err.. I mean..

Rizal went on to his conversation with the boys. Hadi couldn't ever forget the look he had when he uttered those two letters: K.L. That smug, sly look.. KL.

Kau ingat aku tak tau KL?

It's hard for me to hate someone. I don't agree with a lot of people yet I still manage to get along with them. Rizal, on the other hand managed to piss me off so much that I couldn't find a space to forgive him. Who do you think you are?

That was why I spent a lot of my times during my school breaks in KL. It hurt my heart so bad that I was belittled like that. That is why I took the effort to go to parts of the city that I am not familiar with, getting mugged and all, memorizing street names, landmarks, routes so that I no longer have to ask people like Rizal. Even if I have to, I won't feel bad because I know every single street and alley in Kuala Lumpur.


It was roughly around 5pm back in 2003. Hadi, Zameer and Pok Wang was walking away from Pavilion, passed the main gates, the New School, the Bilik Kebal and the labs towards the Form 4 block. None of them were sportsman but they sure love to walk.

Zameer and Pok Wang stopped for a cigarette break behind the block in an electrical room. Hadi was there too. After a while, they walked out of the room and walked to the side of the Prep School field, watching kids fumble and tackle. At the distance was Shahriman, jogging around the field.

Nevermind him, they all agreed.

As they walked behind the Hargreaves Hall, on their way back to the otherside of the College, they all decided to entertain themselves and run. Hadi was very thin back then. They all were. Suddenly as they were only nearing the New School foyer, they heard a shout.

"Berhenti! Jangan lari!", it was Shariman.

They stopped. Zameer and Pok Wang was in front and Hadi was at the back. They stopped running but Shahriman didn't. Hadi saw Shahriman running towards him, arms outstretched. It was in a nick of time that he turned his face away; the punch landed on the back of his head. Medula Oblongata.

Pantang anak Melayu.

What did I ever do to you Shahriman? We were running, entertaining ourselves. It was games hour anyway. Instead, you thought that we were running away from you. Who do you think you are?

Perasan, tak tahu malu. Buat apa kami nak lari daripada kau?

I still remember his first words to me back in Form 1, when I was still enjoying my honeymoon. My sudden lack of parental control, my sudden freedom. I was naughty as much as any kid would be when mom and dad are away. Why did you treat me like a criminal?

"Saya memang perhatikan budak-budak macam awak"
Budak-budak macam mana yang kau maksudkan? Yang kreatif dan berfikiran terbuka? Yang mampu melihat dunia dan keadaan dari pelbagai sudut yang berbeza? Yang berani berkata-kata walaupun jelas risikonya? Kau tak nampak semua tu. Hati kau gelap, tertutup dan busuk.
"Saya dulu pernah sumpah seorang budak ni. Dia kurang ajar dengan saya.. Dia pandai Maths Tambahan. Selalu dapat A1. Tetapi SPM dia cuma dapat C5. Termakbul doa saya. Saya rasa lega"
"Saya tahu budak-budak yang tak suka saya. Tak apa, nanti kamu dah naik Form 4 saya akan masukkan mereka-mereka ni dalam kelas saya. Waktu itu lah saya akan menghancurkan mereka"
And you call yourself a teacher. Tak malu? You need to learn a lot of things from Cikgu Safuan. That's a teacher.

Kalau anak sendiri terabai tak terjaga, jangan berani cakap tentang nak jaga anak orang. Jangan berani cakap tentang menjaga generasi muda Melayu. Jangan cakap apa-apa.
"Awak kena ingat, cikgu-cikgu juga manusia. Ada tahap kesabarannya. Jangan sampai kami hilang sabar"
Betul, aku sokong, tapi kau dengar ni:
"Kau kena ingat, Budak-Budak Koleq juga manusia. Ada tahap kesabarannya. Jangan sampai kami hilang sabar"
Dah, jangan cakap apa-apa. Aku tak hormat langsung dengan kau. Aku tak rugi apa-apa, kawan aku tak rugi apa-apa. Kau yang masih rugi.

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