Polaroid, a dying format. The Polaroid Company is closing down their factory and since they never license other companies to produce the films, it is good as gone.

The price of the film is expensive. Very expensive. I bought a pack of 10 films a few weeks back in Pertama Complex. It costs me RM45. That means, the 4 photos up there costed me RM18.

Crazy right? I do have a digital SLR, why would I still want to spend money on polaroids? 

Well.. just look at them. Aren't they nice? Timeless even. 

They are also true. I am an editor. I enhance truths and at the same time, I lie. I've edited magazines, I edited videos and I always edit my photos. Still, I can't edit a polaroid. What I snapped at that moment was what really happened. That was what photography was. I used to ridicule when I look at my mum's photo album where they would dress up nicely and go take photos at studios. That what it should be. People are supposed to pour out their heart on every single snap, meticulously tinkering everything to get it right. Nowadays, I just shoot without giving a thought.. you can always edit it later right?

I really hope that The Polaroid Company would at least license their films to Illford or Kodak to produce. Keep it alive coz people don't know what they have until they lose it right?

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